Is Placencia Worth Visiting (and Is It Safe)?

Placencia is one of the country’s charming small towns that seems to draw attention recently, thanks to its rapid development and natural beauty. This slice of Belizean beauty, south of Belize City has drawn seasoned travelers and even celebrities to its picturesque villages and unmissable beaches.
Is Placencia Worth Visiting
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The entire Placencia Peninsula has many draws for seasoned tourists, other than its beaches, The several villages leading up to the Placencia Village, the peninsula’s namesake, pack a ton of charm as well. From premier resorts to small quirky small village life Placencia is one place to check.

What Does Placencia Mean?

Placencia means “pleasant point”, is a name given by the Spanish to the peninsula in the southern Stann Creek District of Belize. Placencia is one of Belize’s charming towns that seem to draw a lot of tourists in.

Placencia used to be a fishing village, but due to the tourism boom, it has become a famous tourist destination south of Belize City. It provides ideal conditions for a holiday spot because of its characteristics, the narrow peninsula has water on both sides, yet it has road access to mainland Belize.

Is Placencia an Island?

It could feel like an island, but it’s a narrow peninsula with water on both sides but is accessible by the road going north. Despite, it being a peninsula, Placencia boasts some of the best beaches in Belize and sweeping views that could rival the cays.

How Long Is the Placencia Peninsula?

Placencia is a 16-mile long narrow peninsula, in Stann Creek District, in southern Belize. This provides Placencia with vast stretches of beaches that entice beach-lovers from all over the world, complete with sweeping views of the sea and resorts that lure even celebrities.

What Is the Population of Placencia?

If we’re talking about the Placencia Peninsula, the population just hit around 5,000, many of which are expats and it usually balloons during peak season. However, the lovely village of Placencia, at the southern tip of the peninsula is home to less than 2,000 people.

How Long Is the Placencia Sidewalk?

One of Placencia’s interesting attractions, the Placencia Sidewalk in the southern village of Placencia is 1,240 meters or 4,071 feet long, and 1.2 meters or 4 feet wide. It was built during the 1970s primarily for transporting fresh catch, as the village used to rely solely on fishing.

Is Placencia Safe?

Despite the peninsula’s growing fame, Placencia Village is generally safe for people to stay in, as it is still a relatively small town that doesn’t experience much crime, other than the occasional petty ones. Belize City still rakes many of the reported crimes in the country.

However, Placencia’s pleasant nature isn’t one to be taken carelessly, theft is still prevalent among tourist hotspots. Victims of theft are often unsuspecting tourists who leave their valuables unattended, so it’s better to exercise caution and vigilance still.

What Is the Crime Rate in Placencia?

Stann Creek’s reported crime rate in 2019 was the 3rd highest, the district where Placencia is in. However, according to expats who have been living around Placencia, the village and the Peninsula in general, are safer than other parts of the country, like the districts of Belize, and Cayo.

Can You Drink the Water in Placencia?

The peninsula has some of the safest, and cleanest water to drink in Belize . The tap water is safe enough that expats and other visitors in the peninsula are confident enough to use it to make drinks like their afternoon iced coffees.

Are There Crocodiles in Placencia?

Saltwater can be spotted in Placencia, however, being the shy creatures that they are, they don’t usually pose a problem to people. The peninsula has its own lagoon, also called the Placencia Lagoon, home to much diverse marine life like marine turtles, and the endangered manatees. This is also a breeding area for crocodiles, like the American Crocodile.

Does Placencia Get Hit by Hurricanes?

Facing the eastern seaboard, by the Caribbean, Placencia is among the many key locales in the country that get hit by Hurricanes that come from the east. Along with Belize City, Caye Caulker, and Ambergris Caye, these locations usually bear the initial hits of a hurricane.

However, the last hurricane that hit the southern region was Hurricane Iris in 2001 that caused extensive damage to Placencia. It was the strongest recorded hurricane in the 2001 Atlantic Hurricane Season.