Does Belize Have Nice Beaches (and Where Can You Swim, Snorkel, and Dive)?

Belize’s beaches and sweeping ocean views are its claims to fame. With different shades of clear blue waters across its coasts, gifted Cayes, and one of the largest reef systems in the world, this small Central American country rivals the bigger players in the Caribbean.
Does Belize Have Nice Beaches
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The beauty of Belize lies in its natural wonders, from off-shore islands, beautiful coasts, to its rainforests and natural preserves. If you’re down for an outdoor adventure with a hint of ancient Mayan touch, good food, and English-speaking locals, Belize has to be on your list.

Does Belize Have Good Beaches?

Nestled in Central America, between Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, Belize is gifted with lovely beaches all over its coasts. From the several pristine blue beaches across the many Cayes off the mainland, and a plethora of beaches that stretch across the mainland coasts, Belize doesn’t have a shortage of top-tier beaches.

With the Placencia Peninsula in the mainland, with the longest stretch of beaches in the country, to the off-shore Cayes with breathtaking views and beautiful pristine beaches, like the Long Caye, South Caye, and Ambergris Cayes.

Is There a Seaweed Problem in Belize?

Belize has been having seaweed problems for years but it didn’t stop the growing tourism sector in the country. Seaweed that washes ashore on Belize’s main coasts and numerous Cayes is nothing new for Caribbean islands, however, at certain seasons the seaweeds pose a threat to the tourism in the region.

Is There Sargassum in Belize?

The seaweed that affects the coasts of Belize, southern Mexico, and many other Caribbean islands is called Sargassum. In Belize, the large influx of Sargassum weeds come through a reef break just north of Ambergris Caye. Now, several areas in Belize, especially the coasts of San Pedo, in Belize City sees plenty of Sargassum.

Are There Sand Fleas in Belize?

Sand Fleas or Flies are native to certain tropical areas, like the Caribbean, especially in Belize. The country has seen a considerable presence on its beaches.

Sand Fleas tend to flock to heavily populated areas, especially where there are crowds on beaches, tourists. It’s best to pack a repellant suited for Sand Fleas when going to Belize as Mosquito or Bug repellents don’t work.

What Ocean Is Belize on?

Technically, Belize lies on the west of the North Atlantic Ocean, right on the western side of the Caribbean Sea.

Can You Swim in the Ocean in Belize?

It is relatively safe to swim in the ocean in Belize. Many of Belize’s beaches have crystal clear blue waters that appeal to many avid beachgoers and experienced divers. The best and safest swimming and diving spots are around the Placencia, Maya beach, the Cayes like Ambergris, Caulker, and the South Caye.

Can You Swim in Belize in December?

December has the mildest water temperatures in Belize making it ideal for swimming, sailing, diving, and snorkeling. Perfectly matched with sunny days and warm atmospheric temperatures, December is one of Belize’s peak months.

Is It Safe to Swim in Belize?

Belize is known for many of the best swimming, snorkeling, and diving spots in the world, making it generally safe to swim in. The Placencia is relatively safer than most, as it holds the most number of tourists giving more attention to safety precautions to be put in place.

Other notable places to swim in are the Cayes, like the Ambergris Cayes, the Caye Caulker, and the South Caye. However, it’s still best to take precautions when swimming around, especially if you’re not an experienced swimmer.

Is the Water Warm in Belize?

Just like the rest of the Caribbean, the water in Belize is warm enough to swim in throughout the year. The winter months have the mildest temperature in the year, with perfect temperatures for water activities, while the summer months have the hottest temperatures, but are still comfortable for swimming.

What Is the Water Temperature in Belize?

With average temperatures of 27 C or 81 F to 29 C or 84 F, the water in Belize has comfortable temperatures perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

What Color Is the Water in Belize?

The waters of Belize sport different shades of blue, depending on where you’re swimming. The Cayes give off a distinct blue, depending on what is in the bottom. The Great Blue Hole gives off a darker shade because of its depth. While the rest of the beaches sport a variety of blue due to the white sand bottoms.

Does Belize Have Clear Blue Water?

The beaches of Belize display different shades of blue. With its crystal clear waters, you can easily see the variety of blue in different parts, from beaches, Cayes, atolls, and even the famous Great Blue Hole.

What Is the Name of the Reef in Belize?

A part of the Mesoamerican Reef that stretches across Mexico to Honduras, the reef off the coast of Belize is called the Belize Barrier Reef. Spanning 185 miles of Belize’s coastline is considered to be one of the largest reef systems in the northern hemisphere.

Does Belize Have Good Snorkeling?

Belize is considered to have some of the best snorkeling spots in the world. There is a plethora of snorkeling spots in the country, especially the Ambergris Caye, South Water Caye, Half Moon Caye, and the famous Great Blue Hole.

What Do You Wear When Snorkeling in Belize?

Make sure to don a lightweight wetsuit, made out of spandex or lycra – it will keep you from getting cold. When on land, wear aqua shoes as its light and they can protect your feet, and a pair of flipper shoes when you’re in the water.

Also, wear Polypropylene or Capilene long underwear and don’t wear common sunscreen. Make use of a biodegradable one that is coral-reef friendly.

Can You Snorkel Off the Beach in Belize?

You can snorkel off the beaches in Belize like Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Placencia, and many more. However, you might not see many spectacular things, other than few rays, and other small fishes.

Where Is the Best Place to Stay in Belize for Snorkeling?

The ideal places to stay are the islands off the mainland that near the best diving spots. You can stay in San Pedro if you want to snorkel in Ambergris Caye.

If you plan to snorkel in the Glover Reef Atoll, which is a part of the Belize Barrier Reef, you can stay in Southwest Caye. If you want to see more of the Belize Barrier Reef, at the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, the best place to say is in Tobacco Caye Paradise.

Where Is the Best Diving in Belize?

The country offers a wide array of diving destinations that are some of the best in the world. Perhaps, the most notable one in Belize is the Great Blue Hole, dubbed by Jacques Cousteau “one of the best diving sites in the world”, right on the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, you can find stalactites and stalagmites below.

The Half Moon Caye Natural Monument is also another notable spot to dive and snorkel in Belize. Also located on the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, it has the most colorful wall dive in the world.

The South Water Caye Marine Reserve in the south of Belize is the largest marine reserve, which holds a diverse marine life including, sharks, tuna, barracuda, and rays.

Are There Sharks in Belize?

Belize is known to have diverse marine life in its waters especially far off its coasts. However, the sharks you can most likely spot when you’re diving are the harmless Nurse Sharks and the Whale Sharks that frequent the southern waters.

Are There Dangerous Sharks in Belize?

Sharks attacks are rare in Belize and haven’t been an issue so far. The sharks that you most likely will encounter, albeit rarely, are the harmless Nurse Sharks that are bottom feeders, and the gigantic Whale Sharks that feed on smaller creatures.

Are There Manatees in Belize?

There are Manatees in Belize, however, they are being protected due to the many threats to their survival. Belize is a sanctuary to Manatees, combining conservation efforts and eco-tourism to further spread awareness of their endangered status.

Can You Swim With Dolphins in Belize?

There are not many tours these days that can take you to swim with dolphins as the country has become a marine reserve. However, you can take diving, or snorkeling tours around Belize in the hopes of encountering them.