How Do You Get to Belize (From the US and the Rest of the World)?

With its booming tourism and real estate market, Belize has quickly become one of the Caribbean’s top hotspots. Now, with increasing travel opportunities to the country, direct flights from the USA and Canada have increased bringing in larger crowds of beach bums, and nature-loving visitors.
How Do You Get to Belize
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Whether you’re flying from North America or Europe, Belize has added more reasons for everyone to visit. From nature reserves, off-shore wonders, and rainforests, this small Central American country has so much to offer the world, now made available with cheaper direct daily flights to Belize City.

How Far Is Belize From the US?

Mainland, specifically central Belize is approximately 2,674 km or 1,662 miles from the central USA, directly. However, if you will take the long road, the driving distance is about 3,768.23 km or 2,341.47 miles.

The most economical way to get to Belize from the US is to fly from any key cities in the country to Belize City or the capital of Belmopan, which usually takes almost hours to arrive. While driving is possible, but to et through two countries can become risky and more expensive given other factors like road safety and conditions, and gas.

Can You Drive From USA to Belize?

While it is certainly possible to do so, however, it’s not the best option. Several various conditions need to be considered first before taking a cross-country road trip, as getting to Belize from the US, you also have to go through Mexico as well.

If you come from the USA’s southern region it would be relatively easier to drive from there through Mexico, down to the Yucatan Peninsula, then the Northern Highway that stretches from the Yucatan to Belize City, through the border.

How Is the Drive to Belize From the US?

While it is relatively safe, and possible, given that you take some rest and stops along the way through Mexico and northern Belize. Some roads in the US and Mexico are not ideal to drive in at night, because of poor lighting thus increasing the possibilities of accidents and other risks.

However, several highways across the two countries kept in good condition as well, making driving through easier. It’s best to plan the routes, and a wider budget for gases, accommodation along the way, and emergencies.

Is It Safe to Drive From the US to Belize?

It is generally safe to drive in between to Belize from the US via Mexico. With Mexico’s long routes, you can choose to go through either the Carreteras Libres, (free roads/highways), or the toll roads, or the Autopista where you’ll pay certain fees.

Autopistas are considered safer than the libres because of the safety it provides. Autopista roads or highways are well-kept and maintained. While the libres tend to be run down, and sometimes poorly lit, at night which could spell bad for drivers.

How Do You Fly to Belize?

You can fly to Belize via the many major airports around key cities in the US and Mexico. Some airlines offer direct flights, and some have connecting flights if you come from other countries outside the Americas.

How Far Away Is Belize by Plane?

It depends on where you’re from in the world but the common cities that you go through to fly into Belize City are mostly in North American, mainly US and Canadian cities.

Key US cities are Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami. These cities are approximately 1,234 km to 3,309 km from Belize City.

Canadian cities that usually offer direct flights to Belize City are, Calgary and Toronto, with an approximate direct distance of 4,375 km and 3,017 km, respectively. While Cancun in Mexico is about 432 km, north of Belize City, directly.

Are There Direct Flights to Belize?

There are direct flights to Belize City, mostly coming from North American countries like the US, Canada, and Mexico. In the US, key cities that have several direct flights to Belize City are, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami.

Canadian cities that offer direct flights to Belize City are Calgary and Toronto, while Mexico has Mexico City and Cancun. Panama City, in Panama, another Central American country offers direct flights to Belize City, as well.

What US Cities Fly Direct to Belize?

Key US cities are Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami. These cities offer several direct flights to Belize City and are often the layover cities for connections via intercontinental flights.

Are There Direct Flights From London to Belize?

You can fly from London to Belize, however, only connecting flights are available. There are no direct flights available for intercontinental travel. Most layover cities are around the US and Mexico, offering connecting flights to Belize City.

What Airlines Fly Direct to Belize?

Airlines that fly direct to Belize City are Air Canada, Westjet, United Air, American Airlines, Delta Air, Sun Country Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Tropic Air. Most cities that these airlines start are from Canada, mainly in Toronto and Calgary, the US, with more than 5 key cities, and Cancun in Mexico.

American Airlines and British Airways offer flights from London Heathrow, with a short connection via Miami to Belize City.

What US Airlines Fly to Belize?

US Airlines that offer most flights heading to Belize are American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines.

Does Southwest Fly Into Belize?

Southwest Airlines flies to Belize. This airline offers direct flights from Houston, Fort Lauderdale, and Denver.

Where Does Southwest Fly to Belize From?

With relatively cheaper flights to Belize in Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, Southwest flies from Houston, Texas, Fort Lauderdale in Florida, and Denver, Colorado.

What Airport Does Southwest Fly Into in Belize?

From various cities in the US, Southwest Airlines fly directly to Belize City via Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport.

Does Delta Airlines Fly to Belize?

Delta Airlines feature Belize as one of their premier destinations in the Caribbean, with non-stop flights directly from several key cities in the US. With Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Denver in the US, and Calgary, and Toronto in Canada.

Does American Airlines Fly to Belize?

American Airlines offer flights to Belize starting from several cities in the US, and connecting flights from European cities like Paris, Madrid, Rome, and London. The airlines offer direct flights from several US cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Barcelona, Chicago, and Denver.

Does United Fly to Belize?

United Air has several flights to Belize, where they have budget-smart roundtrip deals from Basic Economy to Business class. The airlines have direct flights to Belize from key cities like Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, New York, and San Francisco.

Does Westjet Fly Direct to Belize?

Belize is one of WestJet’s featured destinations in the Caribbean, flying Canadians to discover the Caribbean. The Candian airline is offering non-stop direct flights to Belize from several key cities in Canada like Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Does Jet Blue Fly to Belize?

Unfortunately, JetBlue doesn’t offer flights to Belize. The Canadian airline mostly offers flights to several US destinations, and one in Mexico, specifically, Cabo. However, if you’re from Canada you can JetBlue and a connecting flight via the US with another airline that offers direct flights to Belize.

Does Air Canada Fly to Belize?

Air Canada now offers flights to Belize, along with WestJet, as part of a recent opening of the  Belizean tourism ministry for several other US and Canadian airlines to boost the country’s tourism and real estate market.

Air Canada offers direct routes to Belize City via Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia.

Does British Airways Fly to Belize?

British Airways offer flights to Belize City, however, these are not direct flights. You have to get a connecting flight in any US city that British Airways fly to, to get to Belize City directly. Most British Airways intercontinental flights start in London and on to key US cities like Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, or Houston.

What Airlines Fly to Belize From Atlanta?

Three of the USA’s top airlines, Delta, American Airlines, and Unite Air, offer the most direct flights to Belize from Atlanta.

How Far Is Belize From Atlanta?

The distance between Belize City and Atlanta is approximately 1,839 km or 1,143 miles, directly. The driving distance is about 3,982 km or 2,474 miles and the journey via the long road can take about 45 hours more or less.

What Airlines Fly to Belize From Boston?

The airlines that offer the most direct flights to Belize from Boston are Delta Air, American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest,  and Air Canada.

How Far Is Belize From Boston?

Belize is approximately 3,200 km or 1,988 miles from Boston, directly. The flight takes about 4 hours and a half. While the driving distance is about 5,686 km or 3,533 miles and can take about 60 hours.

What Airlines Fly From Denver to Belize?

From Denver to Belize City, United Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest offer direct flights, often with deals and cheaper prices. Belize has become one of these airlines’ top destinations in Central America.

How Long Is the Flight From California to Belize?

The flight from California to Belize City can take up 4 to 5 hours depending on certain factors like which city you’re flying from, wind speeds, and plane speed.

What Airlines Fly From LA to Belize?

With nonstop direct flights, American Airlines and United Airlines fly from LA to Belize. Other airlines offer next flights from LA to Belize as well, like Delta Airlines, Southwest, Copa Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

How Far Is Belize From LA?

Belize is approximately 3,508 km or 2,180 miles from LA, directly. The flight time can take up to 4 to 5 hours. The driving distance is about 4,403 km or 2,736 miles and can take about 45 hours.

How Far Is Belize From San Francisco?

The distance between Belize and San Francisco is approximately 4,021 km or 2,498 miles, directly. Flying in-between can take up to 5 hours and a half. While the driving distance is about 4,992 km or 3,102 miles and can take up to 54 hours.

How Far Is Belize From Florida?

Belize is approximately 1,375 km or 845 miles from Florida, directly, just across the Caribbean. While the driving distance is about 4,216 km or 2,619 miles, where you have to go through the east coast of Mexico.

How Far Is Belize From Miami by Plane?

In a direct distance, from Miami to Belize City, it’s approximately 1,234 km or 767 miles. The flight time can take about 2 hours.

How Far Is Belize From NYC?

Belize is approximately 2,911 km or 1,809 miles from NYC, directly. While the driving distance is about 5,250 km or 3,262 miles, driving down the US east coast, Mexican east cost to Belize City.

Can You Drive From New York to Belize?

With an approximate great driving distance of 5,250 km or 3,262 miles, you can drive from NYC to Belize, however, there are still several matters to be considered. The drive can take 2 to 3 days, given that there are stops along the way.

How Far Is Belize From NYC by Plane?

In a direct line, the approximate distance between NYC and Belize City is 2,911 km or 1,809 miles. The flight time can take up to 4 hours.

Is It Safe to Drive From Texas to Belize?

Given that you go through toll highways, and well-kept highways across the southern US and Mexico, it is relatively safe. You can only enter Belize from Mexico via the Northern Highway in the Yucatan Peninsula, east of the country.

How Much Does a Flight to Belize Cost?

Flights can cost from 80 USD to 900+ USD. It depends on what season you’re looking to fly into, and which airlines. Many airlines like United Air offer price deals with certain types of tickets, from one-way to roundtrip, and basic economy to business class.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Fly to Belize?

The cheapest way to fly to Belize is booking a ticket in advance. You can book a month in advance for better deals, some even buy a season prior.

What Is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Belize?

Most people who found better prices usually buy tickets during the off-season, for peak season dates. Most airlines offer ticket promos for the peak season, during the off-season.

Some people prefer to fly to Belize during the wet off-season, to avoid huge crowds and have the beach to themselves despite the possibilities of rain in the afternoon.