Is San Ignacio Worth Visiting (and How Do I Get There)?

San Ignacio is one of Belize’s underrated towns that should be on everyone’s Belize bucket lists. It may be far from the bustles of Belize City, but its authenticity and quirks make it a town to not only visit, but a town to live in.
Is San Ignacio Worth Visiting
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The colorful vibrant streets of San Ignacio are only one of its charms, the cultural and economic heart of the Cayo District, the town offers a part of the country’s rich history, but a lot of its charms. Together with its sister town, Santa Elena, San Ignacio is one place every visitor shouldn’t miss, deep inland in Belize.

What Does San Ignacio Mean?

Formerly El Cayo or Cayo is one of the major towns in the southwest of Belize, in the Cayo District. The town got its name from St. Ignatius de Loyola. The patron saint of the Jesuits, the earliest post-colonial Christian influencers in the region.

San Ignacio is considered as Santa Elena’s sister town, the town just across, both comprising the larger main settlement in the Cayo District. The town is known for its lively scene, and its proximity to the fascinating Mayan culture, near the Guatemalan border and down south of the district.

Is San Ignacio Safe?

San Ignacio is relatively quaint in comparison to the Belize District’s metropolitan areas like Belize City, and because of this, it isn’t as much of a criminal breeding ground. According to solo female travelers, the towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena feel so much safer than Belize City.

The thing with smaller tourist towns across all of Belize is that it’s quieter and doesn’t attract much criminal activity. San Ignacio is fairly safe on most occasions, especially for solo travelers, however, just like any touristy town in the world, petty crimes still happen, albeit rarely.

Can You Drink the Water in San Ignacio?

While the tap water in San Ignacio is drinkable, however, a lot of people complain that there is a high amount of chlorine that may be bad for people with sensitive stomachs. Digestive problems in regards to drinking straight from the tap were never reported among tourists and expats who have been to the town.

How Do I Get to San Ignacio?

You can get to San Ignacio by an airport shuttle, bus, or car. From the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, you can take a private transfer via shuttle from several transport companies right at the airport, the top-rated company is the Belize Ground Shuttle. The trip usually takes about 2 and a half hours.

You can also get to San Ignacio from various parts of the country via bus. However, if you’re coming straight from the International Airport, you have to take a 30-US Dollar taxi to Belize City, and take a bus going to San Ignacio from there. A bus trip usually takes less than 3 hours.

The towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena in the Cayo District are both easily accessible by car via the Western Highway. The road condition in this highway permits easy and safe access to those looking to get to San Ignacio at their own pace.

How Far Is It From Belize City to San Ignacio?

San Ignacio is approximately 100 km or 62 miles west of Belize City, directly. The road distance via the Western Highway is around 111 km or 69 miles, which would usually take more than a couple of hours to drive.

How Do I Get From Belize City to San Ignacio?

You can get to San Ignacio by 3 common ways, by bus, shuttle, or car. Traveling straight from Belize City offers so much ease as the roads west of Belize City, especially ones leading to Belmopan, the capital, are safe and well-maintained.

You can take a shuttle from certain points in Belize City, or the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport directly, and straight to San Ignacio. The top-rated company, Belize Ground Shuttle, offers the lowest prices and has the best vans.

Car rentals are also a popular option among travelers who prefer to explore the country at their own pace and route. There is an abundance of car rental companies that are in Belize City that offers plenty of options, like different daily rate packages for those renting a car for a longer time.

How Much Is a Shuttle From Belize City to San Ignacio?

Shuttle service prices from Belize City to San Ignacio can cost around 18 to 35 USD.

How Far Is San Ignacio From Belize City Airport?

San Ignacio is approximately 102 km or 63.37 miles from Belize City Airport, directly. The road distance is about 115 km or 71.4 miles via the Western Highway, which usually takes more than a couple of hours to drive.