What Is Hopkins Like (and How Do I Get There)?

Hopkins is one of Belize’s cute little towns that pack a ton of cultural heritage and things to discover. It can be overshadowed by other Belizean tourism giants like Ambergris Caye, Belize City, or even Dangriga but Hopkins small, quaint, and cultural vibe is a draw in itself.
What Is Hopkins Like
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This small village is one of the Garifuna towns that prides itself on its people’s heritage, putting yet another factor in the richness and diversity in the Belizean experience. Hopkins, fighter south of Belize City might be small and quiet, but it’s worth a visit.

Where Is Hopkins Located

Located at the southeastern coasts of Belize, Hopkins is a coastal village 71 km or 44 miles south of Belize City. This beautiful slice of Belizean heaven is a Garifuna village in the Stann Creek District. The Garifuna people descended from the Afro-Caribbean immigrants that came to Belize sometime during the colonial period/

Hopkins is famous for its rustic vibe, with a lovely beach to match, dominated by family businesses, making it a very interesting and safe town. It was recently voted as “The Friendliest Village in Belize”. This quaint little town boasts a warm hospitality culture and a booming one at that.

Is Hopkins Safe

It’s not voted as the friendliest village for anything. The Stann Creek District, where Hopkins is, has a lower crime rate than the Belize and Cayo Districts. And, Hopkins has little to no crime at all, other than the occasional petty crimes expected in any tourist locale.

What to Do Hopkins

Hopkins’ authenticity, warmth, and proximity to several natural wonders and parks make it not only a beautiful place but also an interesting one. You can take a Monkey River tour, where it is home to a very rustic, time capsule of a village. You can take a boat down the river and spot crocodiles, and walk through the forest to encounter harmless monkeys.

Hopkins is home to the largest concentration of the Garifuna folk in Belize, and experiencing or at least having a taste of their culture is unmissable. Listen and watch the Garifuna drumming, a hypnotic and exotic experience that takes you to the beautiful and rich world of the Black Caribs.

You can also take a short trip to the Maya King Waterfall and enjoy a bit more of nature, with recently added facilities that make it more visitor-friendly. Or, take a Maya Chocolate Tour and meet Maya families near the village. Southern Belize has a rich Maya culture that goes way back to pre-colonial Belize.

Which Is Better – Hopkins or Placencia

It largely depends on what kind of experience you want to have. While both are smaller compared to the giant that is Belize City, they are said to offer safer, and enjoyable experiences in the country. Hopkins is a small quaint village that has everything you could look for in a culturally-authentic locale, but the major activities and attractions are a trip away from the village.

Placencia, while not as authentic and quaint as Hopkins, offers more activities and other quirks and charms. Everything tourist-worthy thing outside of Placencia is just a short trip away, if not just a stroll away. From the villages and many resorts in the peninsula, its proximity to the Mayan culture is also its main draw.

How Do You Get to Hopkins?

From Belize City, you can get to Hopkins by flying from Belize City Municipal Airport to the Dangriga Airport, and then take a private transfer from there further down south to Hopkins. You can also fly from the Philip S.W. Goldson Airport to Dangriga, then take a taxi, or a private transfer to Hopkins.

If you want to be more economical, you can take a bus from the Griga Line and get to Dangriga from Belize City, and then take another one to Hopkins, a ticket for a single trip including transfers costs around 6 to 9 USD.

Another option is by ferry or water taxi. Take a ferry or water taxi from Belize City Marine Terminal to Dangriga, and from the town take a bus to Hopkins.

How Far Is Hopkins From Placencia?

Hopkins is approximately 40 km or 24.8 miles north of Placencia, directly. The driving distance is about 64.7 km or 40 miles, and would usually take an hour and a half by bus.

How Far Is Hopkins From Belize City?

Hopkins is approximately 71 km or 44 miles south of Belize City, directly. The driving distance, should you take a bus, is around 178.8 km or 111 miles.

How Do I Get From Hopkins to Belize City Airport?

You can get to either the Belize City Municipal Airport or the Philip S.W. Goldson Airport, via the Dangriga Airport, north of Hopkins. You can take a bus, or private transfer from Hopkins to the Dangriga Airport, and take a flight from there.

If you want to be more economical, you can take a bus from the Griga Line and get to Dangriga from Hopkins, and then take another one to Belize City, a ticket for a single trip including transfers costs around 6 to 9 USD.

Another option is by ferry or water taxi. You can drive north to Dangriga Port from Hopkins, and from there, take a ferry or water taxi from Belize City Marine Terminal to Dangriga.

How Do I Get From Dangriga to Hopkins?

The only way to get in-between them is by a land trip, either by bus or a rental car. You can take a bus from the Bryant Williams Bus Lines, from Hopkins to the north in Dangriga, and vice versa. If you decide to get a rental car, you can find a plethora of car rental companies across the many towns on the eastern coasts of Belize, especially in Dangriga.