What to Know Before Going to Belize (6 Useful Facts)?

Belize’s steady growing fame among seasoned travelers has created a ripple among new adventurers, spanked with endless curiosity and wonder, putting Belize at the top of the list. So, it’s important to pack not just some essential stuff, but necessary information as well.
What to Know Before Going to Belize
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Belize is still growing and developing, both in politics and commerce, but their incredibly gifted land has amassed a large global recognition that benefited their tourism. Yet, a lot of people still don’t know the nitty-gritty facts that they need to get by when visiting the Central American country.

Can I Use My Phone in Belize?

You can use your phone in Belize, or anywhere for that matter if you consult with your phone company ahead of your trip schedule. Make sure to come up with an arrangement that will work for you whenever you’re in Belize

You can have your provider unlock your phone, in case it’s sim locked, so you can install a new SIM card once you arrive in Belize. Also, you can check whether your SIM or network works in Belize. If not, you can purchase a new SIM card along with a prepaid load card.

Does Verizon Work in Belize?

Verizon doesn’t operate in Belize, but you can get your Verizon phone to work in Belize. Contact them before you leave and be sure to make arrangements ahead of time. Also, make sure you have a separate budget for your phone plan as the imposed rates might be higher.

Do AT&T Cell Phones Work in Belize?

AT&T works in Belize, however, there will be a roaming fee that might hurt your budget. AT&T imposes a per-minute roaming fee that could set you back over 3 USD. You need to contact AT&T beforehand to enable your international roaming services.

Does Belize Have Wifi?

WiFi and internet are available in Belize, however, it’s not cheap. The quality of the connection also depends on where you are in Belize, the cayes and islands have relatively slower internet than the ones on the mainland.

How Is the Internet in Belize?

Belize’s internet coverage is somehow decent but it can be slow and intermittent. Several areas in the country now use fiber optics that grant faster connection. The fastest you can get in the country is 16mbps

What Is the Voltage in Belize?

Belize’s standard voltage is 110/220V. This means that in Belize, there is more than one voltage that can be used depending on what region. So, when your booking accommodation or making a list of where you want to stay, also check out the voltage each place uses.

Do I Need a Power Adapter in Belize?

If your devices use the types A, B, and G plugs, you won’t be needing an adapter. If you come from the USA and Canada, you won’t be needing an adapter as well, as these countries commonly use the type A plug.

Can You Smoke in Belize?

You can’t just smoke anywhere in Belize. In 2015, the country passed a law that bans smoking in government buildings, banks and offices, hotel lobbies, hospitals, schools, public transportation, and in non-designated smoking areas in restaurants and bars.

Is There a Walmart in Belize?

Belize doesn’t have a Walmart. But, according to frequent visitors and expats in the country, Brodies in Belize City is the closest thing to a Walmart Belize can offer. The popular supermarket is well-stocked with US goods, and other international imports as well.

People consider it a must-stop when visiting Belize City if you’re a tourist or an up-and-coming expat to Belize. To put it simply, it has everything you’ll need.

Is Monday a Holiday in Belize?

Monday is not a holiday by default. However, Monday can be a holiday due to certain conditions. If an annual holiday, whether special or non-working falls on a Monday, then it is a holiday. And, if a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is observed as the bank and public holiday.