How Do You Get Around in Belize (on the Road and Water)

As Belize sits at the top of many Central American must-visit lists, it secures its position with transportation that makes getting around easy. From water taxis, ferries, small planes, and buses, getting around Belize allows ease of access to many of its best towns and islands.
How Do You Get Around in Belize
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Significantly smaller than neighboring Mexico, and Guatemala, getting around Belize will almost always want you to explore not just the coastal towns but also further inland. Quirky small towns, Mayan must-sees, and forest reserves are all just less than a 5-hour trip away.

How Much Are Taxis in Belize?

Taxi prices within the cities are around 10 to 50 BZD or around 5 to 25 USD. Taxis, other than rental cars, and buses also dominate the streets and roads in cities and in between towns. This allows for mobility in cities that tend to be very touristy like Belize City.

However, it goes beyond 10 USD if you wish to head off to other smaller towns like San Ignacio. Airport Taxi prices from the Philip S.W. Goldson to Belize City, which is 15 km east, usually start around 25 USD.

How Much Is a Taxi From Belize Airport to Water Taxi?

Taxis from the airport to the Marine Terminal in Belize City costs around 50 BZD or 25 USD. Marine Terminal is where all the water taxis and ferries to the numerous cays in Belize are docked. It would usually take around 20 minutes depending on the traffic, to get to the Marine Terminal from the airport.

Do You Tip Taxi Drivers in Belize?

Tipping in Belize isn’t customary, and not generally expected by service workers. But, with the increasing tourism, and more and more travel-savvy visitors come and go, they bring the tipping culture with them in the country.

Despite not being the norm, tipping taxi drivers and other service workers would help them. It somehow shows that you respect their work, and appreciate the job they do. If you prefer, you can tip the taxi driver if they helped you with your luggage.

Is There Uber in Belize?

Uber and other ridesharing services, like Lyft, aren’t available in Belize. You will have to go the traditional way by hailing transports in terminal or stops, like sitios for taxis and buses. You can also rent a car from the many car rental companies in the city.

How Do You Get to the Belize Islands?

The best and most common way to get to Belize’s numerous islands and cays is by taking a water taxi or a ferry. If you’re starting from Belize City you can head to the Marine Terminal and take a water taxi or a ferry to the cays like Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye.