Is Belize a Safe Country to Visit for Tourists (What to Be Aware of)?

Belize is still generally safe for tourists, especially those who exercise utmost caution. Anyone can still enjoy the country’s lush vegetation, ancient man-made wonders, and natural charms, however, due to the country’s crime problem, Belize still gets a bad rep.
Is Belize a Safe Country to Visit for Tourists
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Under its beautiful shades of blue, and countless charms, Belize still has a lingering problem in its society. However, the country has taken steps to lessen the problem, while growing its tourism sector, resulting in a lowering crime rate and a whopping tourist count.

How Safe Is Belize?

There are talks about Belize being an extremely dangerous place for tourists and yet there are still many people visiting the small Central American country every year. This means that Belize is still generally safe for everyone, locals, and visitors.

The country’s security issues usually come from incidents. These instances are caused by drinking, bad driving, drugs, or taking part in illegal activity. Most of these incidents only involve locals.

However, petty theft is still prevalent and should not be taken lightly. Just like any touristy place in the world, there will always be smaller crimes happening.

It’s also advised to stay away from large public gatherings and demonstrations as they can take a violent turn. And, at night make sure you’re staying or walking around in areas where there are other people, being isolated and alone makes you vulnerable to crimes.

Is It Safe for Us Citizens to Travel to Belize?

The US state department has issued a warning for US citizens in visiting the country, urging people to reconsider visiting the country. But, this doesn’t mean that Belize is dangerous. The country’s growing tourism sector, with a whopping 1.5 million visitors in 2018, is still considered safe for tourism.

The advisory simply hints at the reported crimes in Belize City and the various tropical diseases that could potentially be in the country like Yellow Fever.

Is Belize Safe for Families?

Belize has its package tourism to thank for keeping families safe and in check. Package tours by resorts and tour companies help ensure guests’ safety, especially with little kids. Plenty of places and accommodations cater to families, complete with family and kid-friendly features.

Belize’s best family packages are in the peak season, also called the dry season, with temperate conditions and the best package deals. This is also the time where security is increased for guests.

Can You Go to Belize if You’re Pregnant?

While it’s possible to travel wherever, particularly in Belize, if you’re pregnant, with a recommendation from the doctor, of course. Pregnant women may have certain vulnerabilities to the tropical diseases that may be present in the Caribbean, and it may affect the unborn child.

It’s best to discuss travel plans with your doctor first, and divulge the details to your doctor so that they can have a better analysis of your condition.

Is Belize Safe for Pregnant?

Traveling in longer miles may not be safe for the pregnant woman and the developing child. And, with the reported crimes and health issues that may be present in the country, it’s best to consult the doctor first.

Is Belize Safe for Solo Travel?

Solo traveling in Belize is safe, although, petty crimes are pretty common to happen with travelers so it’s best to practice caution. Apart from, tourist traps that you need to watch out for and petty theft, Belize is fun for solo travelers, especially because of its English-speaking population.

How Do I Plan a Solo Trip to Belize?

The best way to plan a solo trip to Belize is by researching as much as you can as you draw some sort of skeleton for your adventure. Think blueprint drawing. You need to layout the blueprint of your Belize getaway first, like the places you want to go, and the things you want to try.

By researching about Belize you will be able to know where you want to go, and what you want to try. You can build a plan from the ground up from there. You can look up accommodations, excursion packages, food places, meetups, and events, and then decide on which.

As you do this, you can also lookup articles, and news regarding the current events of the country and the places you want to visit, to have an idea.

Is Belize Safe for Female Travelers?

Belize is considered one of the safer countries for female travelers in this region. Its friendly English-speaking locals help make things easier for female travelers as well, and even for first-time solo travelers.

Is Belize Dangerous for Tourists in Any Way?

Currently, the US state department has imposed a Level 3 for Belize, urging people to reconsider traveling due to reported crimes in Belize City. However, this doesn’t mean that Belize is a no-go country, this only means that there are still many things to consider when traveling.

Most violent crimes mostly involve locals engaging in risky behavior and illegal drugs. Tourists aren’t usually entangled with local conflicts. Although, it’s recommended to exercise caution as no one is exempted from danger, in any way.

How Dangerous Is Belize for Tourists?

Belize isn’t dangerous for tourists in general. Few cities or areas can problematic due to gang-related activities that turn violent. Visitors who have been to the country recommend avoiding most touristy places, especially Belize City.

Why Is Belize So Dangerous?

Belize can be dangerous due to the high average of crimes that happen in the country, especially in major areas like Belize City. Most of these crimes are related to gangs, and drugs which are unfortunately common in the region.

Does Belize Have a Lot of Crime?

Most of Belize is considered safe for visitors, and the majority of the reported crimes happen in major areas of the country, particularly in Belize City. Plenty of gang-related violence, petty crimes, drugs, and many others happen in central areas. It’s best to stay in smaller towns and the Cayes off-shore.

What Is the Crime Like in Belize?

Crimes that are common, and are regularly reported in Belize are gang and drug-related. Unfortunately, this is common in Central America, transnational drug trades, human trafficking, poverty, gang violence all contribute to Belize’s crime problem.

What Is the Crime Rate in Belize?

The country’s murder rate has seen a significant decline from the rate of 109 in 2019, down to 82 in 2020, showing a national decline of 24.77%.