Eating and Drinking in Belize (The Complete Guide to Food, Tap Water, Alcohol and Beers)

This small Caribbean country south of Mexico isn’t only famous for its Mayan past, off-shore wonders, and tropical rainforests. Belize’s diverse population has so much to offer when it comes to food and liquor.
Eating and Drinking in Belize
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The food culture in Belize is one for the books with its plethora of influences and adaptations from historically proximal cultures. From the influences of the British with their classic pastries, the Mexican flavors, Peruvian specialties, and the Mayan origins, eating and drinking in Belize is as delightful as its natural and man-made wonders.

What Kind of Food Do They Eat in Belize?

Most people may think that Belize has a similar cuisine as its neighbors, while that is partly correct, Belizean food or cuisine is as diverse as its people. There isn’t a specific “Belizean food”.

Being a relatively young country that gained independence from Great Britain, Belize is a diverse country with various ethnic groups like the Creoles, Mestizos, Maya, Garifuna, East Indians, German Mennonites, and the Chinese that influence its local cuisine.

With this, the country serves a plethora of diverse food, that has influences from the many ethnic groups that live there. From tamales, that they adapted from Mexico with a Belizean twist, Ceviche from the Peruvians, Meat pies from the British, Rice and beans, a Caribbean classic, and various cassava-based food from the Garifuna people, native to the Caribbeans.

Is Belize Food Spicy?

Belize’s culinary diversity has some food made mildly spicy, while the majority of the common traditional food, isn’t. However, hot sauce is a popular condiment usually added in servings. You can get by Belizean food without having to constantly encounter spicy food, like many Creole dishes.

What Is Famous Belize Food?

Belize’s most famous dishes are the Cochinita Pibil, a marinated slow-cooked pork served on corn tortillas, a classic Mayan dish. Another one is the Salbutes, a popular street dish in Belize, a fried tortilla topped with chicken and other varied toppings.

Many of Belize’s famous dishes come from traditional dishes that they have developed and adapted from the various ethnic groups within the country, the neighboring countries that share their roots, and foreign colonial influences.

Is Food Cheap in Belize?

Food is relatively affordable in Belize, but according to many, it’s not exactly the cheapest to travel to. Just make sure you have a budget of around 40 Belize dollars or around 20 US dollars, which can sometimes hurt your budget.

How Much Does a Meal Cost in Belize?

An average sit-down meal in a restaurant in Belize can range from 15 to 20 US dollars, or 30 to 40 Belize dollars. The cheaper option is the many street food stalls and places that line the city, which typically costs 5 to 10 US dollars or 10 to 20 Belize dollars.

What Fruits and Vegetables Grow in Belize?

With its rich vegetation, the country has a plethora of diverse fruit s and vegetables like Mangoes, Lettuce, Soursop, native to Central America and the Caribbean, Pineapple, Papaya, Dragon Fruit or Pitaya, Cacao, Cabbage, Green Bell Peppers, Coconut, and the Central American favorite, Plantains.

Do Avocados Grow in Belize?

Avocados aren’t only grown in Belize, the country is also proud to grow larger varieties of it. Called “pear” in Belize, and “pyaa” in Kriol, one of the country’s national languages, they come in different sizes and textures in Belize.

From the common Hass avocado to the most liked and preferred in Belize, the “butter pear”, green and larger, the country’s avocados are part of its food culture.

Can Grapes Grow in Belize?

Due to its tropical climate, which can often reach up to the 30s C, grapes cannot grow in Belize. Grapes are best grown in Mediterranean climates, where they can thrive on mild temperatures as opposed to the soaring heat of the Caribbean.

Does Belize Have Mcdonalds?

Despite being a predominantly English-speaking country, and a former British colony, Belize doesn’t have any McDonalds, or any other American fast-food chain like KFC, and Burger King.

Is There a Starbucks in Belize?

Just like many famous American fast-food chains, Belize doesn’t have Starbucks either, despite being a famous travel destination for Americans.

How Much Is a Coke in Belize?

Based on the recent rates, a can of Coke or Pepsi in Belize typically costs 0.99 USD or 2 Belize dollars.

How Much Is a Gallon of Milk in Belize?

Based on the recent rates and purchases of visitors, a gallon of Milk in Belize costs 7.96 USD or 16 Belize dollars.

Can You Drink the Tap Water in Belize?

While it’s a common practice to be cautious of drinking tap water in popular tourist centers, the water in Belize City and San Ignacio, a town in Belize, is relatively safe to drink. But many travelers still experience bouts of diarrhea due to the different water quality.

If you have a sensitive stomach, especially in drinking waters you’re not used to it’s best to err on the side of caution and stick to bottled water.

Is It Safe to Drink Tap Water in Belize?

Belize City and the town of San Ignacio are known for having safe tap water for drinking however it can still cause problems for some, its best to take precautions.

What Alcohol Is Belize Known for?

Belizeans particularly love beer and rum, and that’s why they’re known for these liquors. The homegrown beer company in Belize, Belikin Beer is known and loved by Belizean beer-lovers and visitors who love to try the local booze. Belikin Beer brews two styles of beer: the Lager and the Stout.

Rum in Belize is also known internationally as the country loves brewing its spirits. Drinking Rum is especially loved by many Belizeans. In fact, two distilleries make many of the country’s top rums, the Cuello Distillery, and Travellers Liquor, both distilleries make different sorts of rum, from the Caribbean White Rum to the Coconut Rum, or a rum punch.

Does Belize Sell White Hennessy?

You can usually buy White Hennessy in Belize City, Ambergris Caye, and the town of San Pedro. White Hennessy can be purchased in supermarkets, liquor, and other specialty stores, and even from Duty-Free stores when you arrive at the airport.

Is Alcohol Expensive in Belize?

Drinking in Belize can be expensive. If you drink at a local bar, with local rum or beer, it can be pricey, and it goes way up for imported liquors.

How Much Are Drinks in Belize?

It can be pretty pricey when you drink in Belize. Local beers and other liquors start at 5 Belize dollars or 2.50 USD, and Vodka or tequila drinks usually start at 12 Belize dollars or almost 6 USD.

How Much Does a Beer Cost in Belize?

Local beer can cost from 4.23 to 5 Belize dollars or 2.10 to 2.50 US. While imported beers start at 5.64 Belize dollars, or 2.80 USD and above.

What Kind of Beer Is Available in Belize?

There 5 popular kinds of beers that or the go-to options for drinking in Belize: the local Belikin Stout and Lager, Guinness Extra Stout, Sorrel Stout, and the Verano Pale Lager.

You can already tell the Belizeans love their stouts and lagers, especially from the Belikin beer company.

What Is Legal Drinking Age in Belize?

According to the country’s drinking laws, the legal drinking age of Belize is 18 years old, however, there are several instances that this is not strictly imposed. Beers, wines, spirits, and other liquors are sold Monday to Saturday.