The Complete Vacation Guide to San Pedro in Belize (Sights, Safety, Prices, Swimming and Getting Around)

Ambergris Caye is one of Belize’s most prized jewels, and the town of San Pedro is its beating, thriving heart. While it offers a relatively laid-back living compared to Belize City’s bustles, San Pedro is perfect for holidaymakers who want a feel of Belize’s vacation charm.
The Complete Vacation Guide to San Pedro in Belize
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San Pedro is Ambergris Caye’s main town where it offers plenty of things for everyone, from the best eats, golf cart rentals, and even historical tours. This town prides itself on the premier holiday town it offers, just a few miles out into the Caribbean waters of Belize.

What Country Is San Pedro?

San Pedro is the town that serves as the central hub in Ambergris Caye, Belize’s largest caye. The island town is one of the many charming tourist towns that dot Belize, it’s known for the absence of cars and the dominance of golf carts on its streets.

Ambergris Caye, just some 15.5 miles northeast of Belize City, Belize is one of the two largest cays in Belize, and the most famous one among the numerous ones there are on the country’s coast. San Pedro is the thriving heart of Ambergris Caye, which is in itself the most important part of the famous island.

Where Is the Island of San Pedro?

San Pedro isn’t an island but the lovely thriving town in Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye is located 15.5 miles northeast of Belize City, and San Pedro sits south of the island. With an airport, a pier, dozen of locals businesses that cater to locals and visitors, San Pedro is an attraction in its own right.

Is San Pedro the Same as Ambergris Caye?

San Pedro, you could say, is Ambergris Caye’s thriving heart. The town is the central hub for everything, from small-town charms to transport around, to and from the island.

In a way, Ambergris Caye is San Pedro and vice versa. Ambergris Caye wouldn’t be as accessible as it is if not for San Pedro, and San Pedro would thrive if not for the beauty that creates a livelihood for the town.

What Is San Pedro Known for?

San Pedro has its quirks that draw a lot of visitors annually to its carless streets. Other than the noticeable absence of cars, the town and the island’s proximity to the many cays, atolls, and islands across the Belizean waters is enough to make it a worthwhile stop, or even a base.

Ambergris Caye sits close to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, one of Belize’s most popular snorkeling and diving sites . You can take a tour company from San Pedro to get to the marine reserve, or better yet take it all the way to the Belize Barrier Reef, one of the worlds’ largest reef systems.

San Pedro is also known for its local charms like the Belize Chocolate Company, if you’re a sweet-toothed chocolate-lover, the Secret Beach, for its many beach bars, and restaurants, and the many sandbars that speckle across the coasts of the island.

Is San Pedro Safe?

Visitors have said that San Pedro is safe, even for visitors, because it feels like home for the most part. It’s a small American-looking town that caters perfectly to visitors to Ambergris Caye while maintaining a small Belizean town living. Everyone speaks English well, and the locals will always try to know you, which is a good thing.

While no town or city is perfectly safe for everyone, you can still expect to be at ease in San Pedro. Visitors who have been to San Pedro have claimed that it’s a lot safer than Belize City. Such culture is particularly true to many towns across the country.

Is San Pedro Safe at Night?

While it’s generally safe in San Pedro, however, just like any town you’re not familiar with, it’s best to stay in at night. And if you do find yourself having fun late at night, make sure you’re with a big group of people, and never go out alone.

There haven’t been any problems in going at night in San Pedro, compared to Belize City, but it’s still recommended to exercise caution and vigilance. An unprepared tourist can have bad things happen to them.

Can You Drink the Water in San Pedro?

The water in San Pedro is sourced from the shallow wells in the sand, however, they get treated so it’s safe to drink. The municipal water in San Pedro goes through a desalination treatment that makes it potable and clean for consumption.

Is San Pedro Expensive?

It depends on your point of comparison. Belize, while mostly affordable, can be an expensive country to travel to, especially its touristy centers like San Pedro. The town is Ambergris Caye’s main town, it’s the island’s receiving end of tourism revenues, making the island and the town’s value grow even more.

Belize prices tend to be higher as well as most of their products are exported from neighboring countries. And, getting them to a separate island like Ambergris Caye isn’t exactly cheap. The Belizean dollar’s proximity to the US dollars can be disadvantageous to many people as well.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in San Pedro?

With higher prices and its proximity to US dollars; an exchange rate of 0.50 US dollars to 1 BZD, you need to have a well-budgeted plan. A day in San Pedro can set you back to 623 BZD a day or 310 USD, or 4,359 BZD for a week or 2,175 USD, all for a single person.

Does San Pedro Have All-Inclusive Resorts?

Other than its celebrity-favorite luxury resorts, San Pedro also has numerous all-inclusive resorts. Many of them offer plenty of things to see and do in Ambergris Caye. Some of the highest-rated resorts are Matachica Resort & Spa, an adults-only resort, Belizean Shores, and Portofino Beach Resort.

Can You Swim in San Pedro?

San Pedro boasts some of Belize’s best swimming spots and beaches. The Barrier Reef is just off-shore making the waves that come into the shore calm, and gentle, making swimming and snorkeling, enjoyable and safe.

Where Can I Swim in San Pedro?

San Pedro is surrounded by gorgeous beaches that can be accessed via golf carts, or even just by walking. Some of the beaches south of San Pedro are Mar de Tumbo and Ramon’s Resort.

Mar de Tumbo stretches just south of the town, home to Banyan Bay and Banana Beach. It has an expansive white sandy beach, with sweeping views. Ramon’s Resort has calm waves and shallow waters perfect for lounging or just wading in the water.

The Secret Beach just up north is ideal for a day trip, and there are no seasonal sargasso weeds, and plenty of beach bars and restaurants lined up. Still up north, X’tan Ha Resort boasts one of the best sandy beaches on the island, with lesser people, and an over-the-water beach bar as well.

How Far Is Secret Beach From San Pedro?

The Secret Beach is located 4 miles north of the town at the leeward side of Ambergris Caye. This not-so-secret beach is lined with beach bars and restaurants, offering plenty of things to do, including some water sports, apart from the relaxed swimming, and none of the sargasso weeds.

How Do You Get to San Pedro Secret Beach?

There is only one road leading to Secret Beach, and you can get there via a golf cart that you can rent in town, around 45 USD a day. From the town, you can drive up north, after 4 miles take a left at a sign that says “The Junction”, and take the road that leads you up to a mangrove area. Keep following the signs until you see a sign that says “Secret Beach”.

What Do People Wear in San Pedro?

There’s no specific dress code in San Pedro. Everyone dresses casually, but with attention to the island’s weather and the overall climate of the region. Think island chic, yet casual.

Where Can I Buy Beer in San Pedro?

The famous homegrown beer company of Belikin has a store in 10 Coconut Drive, where you can some of their famous brews like their lagers and stouts. You can also buy some from the Super Buy Supermarket at Angel Coral street, and Wine de Vine, also in Coconut Drive.

How Long Is San Pedro?

The town of San Pedo is the main town of Ambergris Caye, it’s also its largest town. San Pedro is approximately 40 km or 24.8 miles long from north to south and a width of 1.6 km.

How Do You Get Around San Pedro?

You can get around San Pedro in three common ways, bicycling, walking, and driving a golf cart – the town’s alternative to cars. However, most people, especially those who prefer going to different beaches up north, usually use golf carts.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Golf Cart in San Pedro?

Renting a golf cart can cost around 45 to 75 USD a day. But, rates change depending on how long you’re going to rent them for, renting them for a long time gets you a cheaper daily rate.

Is There Uber in San Pedro?

There is no Uber in San Pedro, or even anywhere in Belize.

Which Is Better – Caye Caulker or San Pedro?

San Pedro is a town that has everything to offer for everyone who prefers to go for a more town vibe, like families and couples. It’s a better choice for people who are going on a holiday trip because the town and the island itself allow you to have a well-planned vacation on the holiday, from the town’s quirks and the best resort on the island.

Caye Caulker is more of a backpacker’s haven. The island is ideal for solo travelers, backpackers, and a group or a couple who are traveling on a budget. The laid-back, slow-living vibe of the town is topped with its cheaper prices than Ambergris Caye. Caye Caulker boasts its more easygoing flavor than Ambergris Caye’s more vacation island vibe.