Known for its colorful, energetic, and vibrant culture, Mexico did not only made it to many people’s getaway destinations but also permeated our perception of the beauty of Latin America. Mexico is probably the gateway to Latin America, as the country tops the list of every hispanophile’s and culture buff’s must-visit list.


From the sweeping Pacific coasts at the western side, the timeless appeal of the Yucatan at the east, and several interior natural charms, dramatic mountains, and lush vegetations – Mexico’s landscape is the stuff of magic and beauty. This has provided everyone an endless adventure that gives holidaymakers and even Travel YouTubers countless reasons to visit and stay at any of Mexico’s vibrant beach towns and cities.

The pristine blues and white sands of the many beaches that are speckled across the country’s 10,000 km-coast are its claims to fame. The Yucatan’s Caribbean charm has amassed a huge influx of tourists for years making Cancun and all its little sister cities and towns like Playa Del Carmen and Tulum the go-to options on this side of the country. Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta, claim the Pacific coasts, with a whole slew of pueblos magias in between, the Pacific side gives an even better twist to Mexico’s already jampacked landscape.

Not to mention, the country’s diverse interior also makes up a huge sum of its outdoor appeal. From the ridged mountains of Monterrey to the snowcapped smoking twin peaks of Popocatepetl, just outside of Mexico City. Mexico is gifted with both land and water wonders that it’s almost as if it’s favored by Mother Nature herself.

Various Cultures

They say that Mexico is so diverse, that it feels like it is a world of its own. From the commercial, and industrial developments of the north, and the magical vibrant old-world towns of the south, everything in Mexico offers so much for everyone. You can drive from the north to the south and you’ll see the major changes of the people, the festivities, and of course the subtle differences in the Mexican Spanish.

Since its colonization in 1521, the various European influences mainly, the Spanish left a huge imprint in the Mexican culture. Which then blended with the Aztec and Maya over the centuries that gave birth to the vibrant, energetic Mexico that we know today.

The Mexican People

To assume that the Mexican people are one race, one color is an outdated stereotype, since the birth of its nation the country has always had a proud mix of races, and origins that make the country one big beautiful mezcla of world-renown culture. The one stereotype that rings true though is the festive, warm, loving, creative, and fun Mexicans.