How Do You Get Around Aruba Without a Car (in the Easiest, Cheapest, and Safest Way)?

If you find renting out a car costly in Aruba, and sometimes it is, the island’s natural beauty isn’t just the only thing you will appreciate about it. With an efficient transportation system and regulated transport options, getting around Aruba isn’t hard, not to mention the well-maintained road network.
How Do You Get Around Aruba Without a Car
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Buses, and taxis, apart from rental cars dominate the streets of this little pristine island. You can always trust to get your money’s worth with safety and ease as transportation is regulated by the government. This means, no long queues only to end up failing to haggle, no compromise, just get in and go.

How Do People Move Around in Aruba?

Aruba’s public transportation is considered to be efficient, and given the island’s small size, it’s easier to get to many places and areas around the island through public transit. Locals, for the most part, take the bus to get around cities and other places on the island. The island’s locals also take the fixed-price cabs for faster logistics which isn’t as hassle as other places’.

The island also prides itself on its excellent, safe, and modern roads that make getting around the island a breeze for both locals and tourists. The island considers this important because it helps transport goods and supplies around the island easier.

Currently, there is also a Free Trolley around downtown Oranjestad, that helps visitors and even locals navigate the area without the hassle of walking too much. The ride of free of charge, and some trolleys are even double-deckers offering 36o views of the city’s downtown area.

Is There Public Transportation in Aruba?’

There is a good public transportation system in Aruba, with buses and taxis leading the way, literally. The island has a bus system that takes locals and tourists around the city, especially the major ones like Onrajestad and Noord. Buses are also an excellent way to get around the island, from city to city, from one side of the island to another.

As for taxis, they’re considered to be hassle-free and you get your money’s value as taxis are budget-friendly and have fixed prices, so you know you can’t be robbed. Taxi drivers in Aruba are known to be friendly, warm, and welcoming, most can hold a good conversation in English. The island’s “One happy island” motto seems to extend to their transportation.

Is There a Hop on Hop Off Bus in Aruba?

Aruba has several bus tours that offer hop-on/hop-off rides for tourists and locals. One such company/tour is Arubus, which has over 11 different routes that cover most of the island. The hop-on/hop-off buses help tourists create a DIY tour culture that helps them see the entire island at an affordable price that’s at their liking.

Hop-on/hop-off buses are a convenient way for discovering interesting spots and sights around Aruba. A roundtrip would cost around 4 USD per person, and a day pass is around 10 USD where you can just hop on and off anywhere at will, depending on the route you’ve taken.

Can You Rent Mopeds and Scooters in Aruba?

If you’re traveling alone or as a duo, renting mopeds and scooters is ideal to drive around and explore  Aruba. The compact nature of motorcycles is ideal to get around the country easily and fast, and you can rent them even just for a day.

All you need to drive and rent scooters and mopeds are a regular and valid driver’s license. Scooters, mopeds, and other motorcycles are also cheaper than full 4-wheel vehicles, and their lightness and size allow you to navigate the island at a certain pace.

Can You Walk Around Aruba?

Cities in Aruba are not as large in comparison to bigger islands, and other expansive countries. So, if you’re staying in a city’s major area, like Oranjestad’s downtown and resort row, everything you’ll need is within walking distance. Plus, Aruba’s well-kept paved streets make walking comfortable.

However, one of Aruba’s quirks is that it can be very hot, especially during the dry season, where temperatures are searing if you plan to walk around during the day. You can always take advantage of the island nation’s well-kept modern roads, and an efficient transportation system to get from one point to another.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Aruba?

Talking about safety, being one of the safest islands, if not the safest, in the Caribbean, you can walk around Aruba safely. However, there are still instances that will most likely turn you into a victim. While it’s generally safe in Aruba, no city in the world is completely and perfectly safe, even for locals.

How Expensive Are Taxis in Aruba?

Taxis in Aruba are at a fixed price, which saves tourists the hassle of haggling for a certain price. Destinations across the cities and the island at large will have varying fixed prices, which applies to everyone.

Taxi rates depend on the point of origin and destination, which can range from 11 tup to 40 USD. Keep in mind that prices are per taxi not per person and can only accommodate up to 5 passengers. However, rates increase on Sundays and official holidays.

Do Taxis in Aruba Take US Dollars?

Businesses and establishments in Aruba take US dollars for payment and it also applies to taxi payments. Make sure that you have smaller denominations of US dollar cash, for tipping taxi drivers if they help you with baggage and for good service.

Goods, products, and services are both priced in dollars and Aruban florins, you can easily pay in either currency. However, it’s best to have Aruban florins on your hands as well, so you won’t encounter possible mishaps with exchanges, even though US dollars are widely accepted there are still unexpected exemptions. It’s best to be prepared.

Do Cabs in Aruba Take Credit Cards?

Businesses and establishments in Aruba take Credit and Debit Cards, just make sure you’re issuing bank is informed about your foreign purchases and transactions ahead of time. The most popular credit cards, MasterCard, and Visa are widely accepted in Aruba, as well as Discover recently making a comeback.

However, it’s best to still arm yourself with cash of either US dollars or Aruban florin for smaller purchases and tipping and fares. You can also use Traveler’s Checks, even though it’s famously ancient, several businesses in Aruba still accepts them.

The availability of numerous payment methods, that are noticeably inclusive has made Aruba a very tourist-friendly destination. A wider payment scheme for the island’s goods and services has given tourists plenty of opportunities to spend their money thereby increasing the island nation’s revenue.

Do You Tip Taxi Drivers in Aruba?

Tipping isn’t mandatory in Aruba, it entirely depends on your discretion. You can freely tip if you feel like it, especially if you think you’ve been given the utmost quality service, it will surely be appreciated.

Taxi rates in Aruba are fixed, and you can expect a percentage of the rate goes to the drivers. However, if you think that the driver did an excellent job with their driving, and assisting you with baggage if you have any, you are welcome to tip.

The same thing goes for tipping in bars, and restaurants. Check for a service charge that’s usually around 10 to 15% of the total bill, which normally goes to the crew and staff. You can always choose to leave out an additional tip, no matter the amount.

Are Taxis Safe in Aruba?

The taxi system in Aruba is well-regulated and is considered very reliable. Apart from rental cars, taxis are the most preferred way of transportation for tourists because of how reasonably priced they are, and drivers are usually warm, and friendly.

In addition to the taxi system, roads around Aruba are also modern and safe, providing ease of transportation for any kind of vehicle. Streets and roads around Oranjestad and major highways are well-kept to prevent dangers and hazards to commuting locals and tourists.

How Do You Call a Taxi in Aruba?

While you can always hail a taxi from the street side, visitors should stop at the front of any hotel, resort, restaurant, or bar, and get a cab from there. These establishments are usually the spots where passengers call a cab.

Taxis can also be called through a main dispatch phone number, you can ask them from the resort or hotel you’re staying in, or have them call a taxi for you. Unfortunately, there are no taxi-hailing apps that are available in Aruba.

Is Uber Available in Aruba?

Uber and other ride-hailing apps aren’t available in Aruba. The only private transportation you can get around the island is taxis and rental cars. Taxis are regulated by the government, with fixed prices, and are considered safe, they are the primary source of transportation for tourists.

Rental car companies charge by the day, offering different types of vehicles for tourists. Most of the top-rated car rental companies can be found around Oranjestad and Noord.

Is There Lyft in Aruba?

Just like Uber, Lyft also isn’t available in Aruba. transportation, especially taxis is regulated by the government, preventing ridesharing companies to set foot on the island. The island nation’s transportation system, however, is commendable. Taxis and buses are the most preferred way of getting around for tourists.

How Do I Get From Aruba Airport to My Hotel?

You can easily take a taxi or an airport shuttle upon arrival at the Queen Beatrix Airport to your hotel or resort in Aruba. You can choose from the many parked taxis in front of the Arrivals Terminal, or the shuttle companies with shared vans readily available for arriving tourists.

Airport shuttle rates usually start around 10 USD for children below 12 and 20 USD per person. Shuttles and private transfers are usually the best way to start your trip in Aruba as it offers ease, comfort, without having to wait for taxis and buses.

Taxis are common as well, especially for those looking to spend small on transfers. Aruba taxis are generally considered safe and reasonably priced as they are regulated by the government.

How Far Is Divi Aruba From the Airport?

Divi Aruba, with its location on Palm Beach in Oranjestad, is approximately 7 km or 4.3 miles from the Queen Beatrix International Airport, directly. The driving distance is around 9.5 km or 5.9 miles and will take about 20 minutes or so, considering traffic conditions.

How Far Is Palm Beach Aruba From the Airport?

Palm Beach in Oranjestad, is approximately 8 km or 4.9 miles from the Queen Beatrix International Airport, directly. The driving distance is around 9.7 km or 6 miles and will take around 30 minutes, considering traffic conditions and transfers.

What Is the Best Way to Get Around in Aruba?

It largely depends on your budget and the kind of experience you want to have in Aruba. Rental cars appeal to the free-spirited traveler who has a wider budget considering the daily rental rates. However, this option allows you to explore and get around Aruba at your own pace, and your own route and itinerary.

Public transportations like taxis and buses are quite effective for the budget traveler and is a good choice as well. The island’s transportation system isn’t only efficient it’s also tourist-friendly as operators are friendly and warm, and fares are fixed and regulated by the government.

No matter what option you’re going for, Aruba’s roads are well-kept, modern, and safe to ensure that getting around the island is ideal for everyone. The most beautiful spots, the underrated gems, the charming cities, and towns outside of the capital are all accessible because of the island nation’s consideration for transportation that is safe and easy for both locals and tourists alike.