Which Part of Aruba Is Best to Stay (and Is All-Inclusive Worth It)?

The island’s western coasts are home to most of Aruba’s top-rated resorts along the famous Palm and Eagle Beach right at the beaches of Noord. The areas of Oranjestad up to Noord are packed with the best shops to spend your hard-earned travel cash on, the most happening streets, and the best point to start your exploration around the island.
Which Part of Aruba Is Best to Stay
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The western coasts are ideal to make a base in Aruba as it is accessible to everything. Roads along Oranjestad connect to the highways that lead you to the underrated sides of the island, like the northeastern and eastern coasts.

What Is the Best Area in Aruba to Stay?

If you ask about the best areas to stay in Aruba, Oranjestad and its many energetic areas come to mind. The downtown and the pulsating resort row by Palm Beach and the gorgeous white sand stretches of Eagle Beach take up the top spots. However, there are plenty of other areas that cater to different whims of tourists.

The downtown Renaissance Hotel area is a famous option for well-to-do and well-heeled travelers. This particular area fits retail therapy lovers who may have brought a too much budget on the island. Other than the city’s upscale living, the downtown area also has options for budget travelers, and those who prefer to take traveling slow, and light.

Palm Beach may just be the most happening area in Aruba. With resorts, hotels, restaurants, dance clubs, and bars all lined up by the gorgeous white sands, Palm Beach never goes out of style in Aruba. But, if you want a mellow, quieter vibe, go to the resorts in Eagle Beach. This stretch of sand just south of Palm Beach is the more laid-back area.

Where Can I Stay in Aruba Without a Car?

The best areas to stay in Aruba if you don’t have a car are around the capital of Oranjestad, Noord, and the west coasts of the island. These places are accessible to each other by public transportation, like buses and taxis.

Noord is just a little up north of Oranjestad, both of which are located by the west coast of the island. The stretches of Palm and Eagle beach are home to most of the best resorts on the island as well, so everything you’ll ever need is just a bus ride away, or even just a stroll away from where you plan to stay.

However, if at the last minute you’ll decide to rent a car in Aruba, Noord and Oranjestad have an abundance of car rental companies. These car companies are completely accessible to anyone staying within these areas.

Where Should I Stay in Aruba for Nightlife?

If you plan to have a rowdy stay in Aruba, your best bet would be to stay in Palm Beach. This particular stretch of gorgeous white sands is not only home to most resorts on the island, many of the best bars, and dance clubs on the island are also located by the beach. Palm Beach is the most pulsating area on the entire island.

The clubs and bars you can find around Palm Beach are the Gusto Night Club, Xcess life Nightclub Aruba, Saloon Bar Aruba, South Beach Aruba, H2Oasis Adult Poor Bat, The Beach Bar, and many more.

Palm Beach is also home to many of the island’s best hotels and resorts, a somewhat perfect contrast from the noisy and fun parties at night, and a relaxing stay during the day. You can expect to have everything that you could possibly need right on the western coast of the island.

Is Riu Palace Aruba Adults Only?

While the hotel is one of the many All-Inclusive resorts in Aruba, the Riu Palace Antillas Hotel is an Adults-Only resort located right at Palm Beach. The hotel is equipped with a free gym, spa, and beauty and hair salon that caters to guests who want to get the most out of a Caribbean vacation.

Other than sweeping views of the Caribbean, the Riu Palace also has a pool offering free lounge chairs, and other amenities for fun or relaxing time by the water. The hotel also has packages for plenty of water activities like kayaking, windsurfing, and snorkeling.

Is Renaissance Aruba Adults Only?

Renaissance Aruba is an island resort that has its own private beach, the only one on the island. This resort complex offers two distinct experiences for guests. Renaissance Aruba has also been awarded the 4-Diamond rating from the AAA or the American Automobile Association.

The Marina Hotel is an adult-only hotel, that offers a luxury experience for well-to-do adults. And, the Ocean Suites, a family-friendly hotel that caters to families with kids, and anyone under 12 are free of charge. This hotel has activities and perks for the younger ones and relaxing services for the parents and adults.

Does Aruba Have Any All-Inclusive Resorts?

For an island that has every reason for you to come, Aruba also comes with a roster of top-rated All-Inclusive resorts. You can choose from the famed Palm Beach of the western coast to the Druif Beach in the northeast in this wide “selection” of the resort that does Aruba justice.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive, adult-only hotel, head to Hotel Riu Palace Antillas right in Palm Beach. The hotel is fully equipped with everything you could ever need from an adult-only all-inclusive resort.

If high-rise hotels aren’t your stuff, you’ll find that the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa might be to your liking. Set on an expansive property, the resort is focused on wellness and environmental preservation. With an all-inclusive option for guests, you can relax by the ocean or the garden, each with a private balcony and patio.

If you want a touch of the Dutch, Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is reminiscent of the island’s European past. This resort is perfect for families, singles, couples, and friends for its all-inclusive option that includes access to on-site restaurants, bicycle rentals, and snorkeling gear.

Perfect for families and couples, Divi Aruba Phoenix is a four-star all-inclusive resort that provides a memorable Aruba vacation, with its expansive views and swimming pool. The resort also has a wildlife sanctuary at the back.

The Tamarijn Aruba sits at the mile-long Druif Beach, right at the eastern coast of the island. The hotel has rooms that have their own balcony or patio sporting expansive views of the ocean. The beachfront also has a full-service fitness center, and water activities are included in the all-inclusive option.

Is Aruba Marriott Resort All-Inclusive?

Aruba Marriott’s hotel packages may look like they’re all-inclusive but they’re not. But, Marriott Aruba does have several service packages that provided a plethora of services and perks according to your liking.

Is the Marriott Aruba Surf Club All Inclusive?

Just like the Marriott Resort, Marriott Aruba Surf Club isn’t all-inclusive as well. The resort offers accommodations and a range of activities that are perfect for families. Marriot Aruba Surf Club’s packages include access to the resort’s many amenities, and you can stay at their colorful villas and room, each with a private balcony with beach or garden views.

Is Hilton Aruba All Inclusive?

Hilton Aruba isn’t an all-inclusive resort, however, it does have a casino that makes up for its non-all inclusive services. This resort proudly sets the highest luxury standards possible on Aruba that are evident in the comfort and the services they provide. Hilton Aruba has a beachfront spa, outdoor cabana, modern fitness center, and Kids club, all of which offer a world-class experience for its guests.

Is the Hyatt Regency Aruba All Inclusive?

Hyatt Regency in Aruba only offers accommodation together with dining plans or packages that cater to your likings, like the Breakfast Plan, or the Modified American Plan. Also found on Palm Beach, the Hyatt Regency offers an exclusive level of luxury, with 360 Spanish-style rooms, a full-service spa, and championship golf.

Is Manchebo Aruba All Inclusive?

The Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa sets a different tone to the otherwise high-rise built of other hotels. Set on an expansive property, this low-rise resort is focused on wellness and environmental preservation. With an all-inclusive option for guests, you can relax by the ocean or the garden, each with a private balcony and patio.

Is All-Inclusive Worth It in Aruba?

There are several factors you need to consider before deciding whether going for an all-inclusive stay in Aruba is worth it.

First, you need to think about how much money you’re potentially going to spend if you opt-out of all-inclusive packages. You might be faced with unprecedented spending if you’re going for non-all-inclusive resorts. However, all-inclusive options might limit your options for activities and other stuff and might cause you to spend a little more on other things outside the given services.

The second is food. All-inclusive resorts will likely have your dining covered, breakfast to dinner, however, dining choices will be limited at your resort, and dining times are also scheduled. Some resorts offer one night of “off property” dining at select restaurants.

All-inclusive packages include certain activities and chances are they might not include the ones you’re dying to try. Excursions and tours are only available outside of the resorts, it’s best to know in advance whether or not the resort you want to stay in allows that.

It all depends on certain factors that affect the kind of experience you want to have on the island at the end of the day. It’s best to consider all possible factors, and most of all, deciding on the kind of experience you want to have.

Which Riu in Aruba Is Better?

Both Riu’s are two of the best options in Aruba, as these resorts offer top-notch service, and amenities for their guests, however, their difference lies in who you’re with, and the kind of experience that is appropriate for all of you in Aruba.

Riu Palace in Aruba is for families, while Riu Antillas is adult-only, both offering all-inclusive services. But, you can head over to either one, and avail of their amenities except for Riu Palace’s specialty restaurants.

If you look at it, there isn’t much difference when it comes to the services of the two, except for the services and activities that are reserved only for adults.

Which Is Better – Divi Aruba or Tamarijn Aruba?

Both Divi Aruba and Tamarijn Aruba are all-inclusive and are constantly highly rated by guests. Tamarijn Aruba offers a more casual vibe, that is family-friendly, yet chill and laid-back. This property is also located in Druif Beach, a huge difference from the usual Palm Beach location of most resorts.

Divi Aruba is quieter with fewer children, honeymooning guests, and couples outnumber the families here, and is said to have better restaurants and better beach,

The deciding factor here lies in who you’re with and the experience you want to have. For example, if you’re a group of friends looking to have downtime to chill and lay back, Divi might be for you. If you’re a family looking to let kids enjoy, then Tamarijn might be for you.

Which Is Better – Marriott Aruba Surf Club or Ocean Club?

While both are highly rated and proud estates of the Marriott Hotels, there are key differences that might set the tone of your liking. You can decide which is better depending on certain factors. If you’re with family, especially with younger kids, the Surf Club is your best bet.

But, if you want to go for a quieter, more laid-back holiday with friends, or as a couple, Ocean Club is the best bet. It also has a better beach if you love to lounge and swim around. In the end, it all depends on your circumstances and liking

When Was Marriott Aruba Surf Club Built?

The Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino were built in 1995 at the northwestern coasts of Aruba. The resort includes two resorts: The Ocean Club, which was constructed in 1999, and the Surf Club in 2008.