What is There to Do in Puerto Vallarta at Night (and What About Eating and Shopping)?

With its many zones each with its own flavor, a thriving nightlife, and top-ranking safety to add to its charm, there is always something to do in Puerto Vallarta for everyone.
What is There to Do in Puerto Vallarta at Night
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Regarded as one of the friendliest and safest cities in Mexico, you can enjoy everything and anything in Puerto Vallarta without having to worry about your safety and your budget.

From quirky beachside bars, energetic dance clubs, and cheap drinks Puerto Vallarta will always prove its place among Mexico’s best.

Where is the Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta’s old town classic charm meets with the loud and fun at the heart of the city. The best of the city’s nightlife is around Downtown Puerto Vallarta, the Old town, and the Romantic Zone.

With the best dance clubs, live music, seaside bars, and LGBT-friendly scene Puerto Vallarta have something to offer for everyone. Take a stroll downtown, especially around the Malecon downtown, you’ll find plenty of choices to start.

Some of the popular ones are the Mandala, a dance club at the Malecon boardwalk, La Santa, which offers more exclusivity, often frequented by celebrities. Almacen, one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta, has two locations in the Old Town and the Marina. Popular among locals and visitors alike, El Solar is a popular beachside bar.

Is Puerto Vallarta Safe at Night?

Puerto Vallarta is ranked as one of the safest cities in Mexico. The city has kept crime rates low for a long time, lower than US cities like Miami and Las Vegas. However, this is not a reason not to watch out.

While violence and grander crimes are not prevalent in Puerto Vallarta, smaller, petty crimes are still common in touristy cities. It’s best to be vigilant and cautious all the time.

How Much is a Drink in Puerto Vallarta?

Drink prices in Puerto Vallarta vary depending on what kind of drink, but average prices are around 30 to 50 Mexican pesos or 1.50 to 2.50 US Dollars. Local beers being the cheapest, and many imported beers are available as well. But, drinks tend to get cheaper in bars during happy hours.

How Many Pesos is a Beer in Puerto Vallarta?

Most domestic or local beers cost around 18 to 30 Mexican Pesos, sometimes they could cost less during happy hours. While imported beers typically cost around 30 to 60 Mexican pesos. Prices will vary depending on which bars you order in, or the grocery store you choose to buy from.

What is the Legal Drinking Age in Puerto Vallarta?

Just like the rest of Mexico, the official drinking age in Puerto Vallarta is 18 years old. It’s best to bring proof of birth, like IDs and other related documents in case bars and clubs will ask for it for verification.

Mexico has seen growing numbers of this younger demographic entering clubs and bars from the US, as the US only allows those over 21.

Can You Drink in Public in Puerto Vallarta?

There is a law in Mexico that makes it illegal to be drinking on the streets with an open container. However, this is not heavily implemented as enforcers take little notice. Especially during big holidays and peak seasons.

Bars in Puerto Vallarta have beers “to go” in their menus, they usually put it in red “to go” cup as opposed to a bottle or can of beer, which might run you in with the law. Public consumption of liquors in Mexico has thin lines, but it’s best to follow safe conduct.

It might be okay to drink beer in the streets on most occasions but the most important thing to consider is to not put yourself and others in danger. If you’re caught behaving inappropriately and causing trouble because of intoxication, you’ll definitely face certain issues with the law.

How Much Does an Average Meal Cost in Puerto Vallarta?

The average meal costs around in Puerto Vallarta is 80 to 150 Mexican pesos or 4 to 8 US Dollars in inexpensive local restaurants around the city. While a meal for mid-range restaurants or those serving meal three-course meals cost around 700 Mexican Pesos or 35 US Dollars.

Does Puerto Vallarta Have a Walmart?

Walmart in Puerto Vallarta is found on the Francisco Medina Ascencio near the Marina zone. You can get there via taxis and walking if you’re staying in or near the Marina zone.

However, if you’re from other zones farther away from the boulevard and Marina, find the nearest sitios or taxi stands that will offer you a ride to Walmart. Every big grocery store in Puerto Vallarta has sitios as well.

Does Walmart in Puerto Vallarta Sell Alcohol?

Walmart offers a wide selection of alcohol, from beers, spirits, wines, and other liquors. The selection includes both local and imported brands. Many visitors actually recommend purchasing alcohol in Walmart as they are reasonably priced and they offer good deals as well.

Where Can I Buy Groceries in Puerto Vallarta?

Apart from Walmart, Puerto Vallarta has other big grocery stores as well, located all over town offering convenience for visitors staying in different zones. Comercial Mexican Plaza Marina, conveniently located near the airport, offer good prices with good quality produce. This plaza has a pharmacy, and a bakery as well.

If you’re looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, Fruit Forest offers a wide variety of produce. However, the store recently moved to the North Zone. If you’re staying in the Romantic Zone, Los Mercados offers a variety of shops that sell fresh produce, wines, a delicatessen, and a cafe.

Soriana Supermarket is a popular mega supermarket in Plaza Caracol in the hotel zone. It has a convenient location with easy access and a large parking lot. Sam’s Club Puerto Vallarta offers wholesale offering almost everything. With the finest selection of imported wet goods, it’s a PV classic, only found next to Walmart.

Where Do Locals Shop in Puerto Vallarta?

When it comes to shopping for special finds, or just because, the Old Town has to be the most popular first choice. With its huge variety of unique specialty stores, galleries, and cobblestone streets. Near the Old Town is the Centro, or Downtown offering more options, particularly in the Malecon, and the streets around.

The flea market at the Cuale River sells everything Mexican, from sarapes, sandals, souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry, and other accessories. The Francisco Medina Ascencio Boulevard is a great place to find fold art, clothes, and even home furnishings.

What Should I Buy in Puerto Vallarta?

Jalisco state is the home of Tequila, so it makes sense if you purchase a bottle or two in Puerto Vallarta. Other notable purchase should be hand-blown glass, a Mexican artistic specialty, especially when Vallarta’s locals are especially skilled with making them.

Other artisan creations that you shouldn’t miss buying in Puerto Vallarta are Talavera pottery and tiles, an art form dating back to the 16th century. Huichol art, a type of art involving the use of colorful beads fashioned into intricate designs.

For the fashion-savvy, colorful sarongs are a must. Worn by women around the waist, mostly having multiple patterns that are just beautiful. Silver jewelry made in Puerto Vallarta are well-made by craftsmen and women, these pieces are chic and are made by hand.