What Is St. Lawrence Gap (and in What Part of Barbados Is It Located)?

St. Lawrence Gap is well known as “The Gap” and the nightlife center of Barbados. It is a two-kilometer long street. As soon as it gets dark, there are more people outside for the parties and drinks. It also attracts tourists with its fine restaurants, unique accommodations, and exciting shopping.
What Is St. Lawrence Gap?
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You can find St. Lawrence Gap in Oistins, Barbados – the smallest city on the island. Oistins is a special place for the active fishing community in the southwest of the country. It definitely can provide anything you desire on your dream vacation.

Where Is St. Lawrence Gap in Barbados?

You can locate St. Lawrence Gap along Highway 7 of Barbados. This highway next to Butterfly Beach Hotel is 1.76 miles (2.84 kilometers) in length.

Is St. Lawrence Gap on the West Coast or on the South Coast?

St. Lawrence Gap is on the South Coast, which is the more commercial area of Barbados. This coast has the beautiful blending of the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the most developed part of the country, making it Barbados’ most vibrant and outgoing area.

What Parish Is St. Lawrence Gap in Barbados?

The parish of Christ Church, a historical political division of Barbados, is where St. Lawrence Gap resides. It was built in 1935 with a land area of about 22 square miles (57 square kilometers or 5700 hectares). If you do not know yet, here is where you will witness the famous Chase Vault, wherein coffins randomly have movements within the sealed vault.

How Much Is a Taxi from Barbados Airport to St. Lawrence Gap?

You will need $20 to $25 as your taxi fare to arrive at St. Lawrence Gap. Other vehicles that could fit your budget are bus, shuttle, rental car, and town car. The travel time is an estimate of 10 minutes, but 30 minutes for a bus ride with stops now and then.

What Is St. Lawrence Gap Like?

If you ever ask its locals and previous tourists, they will tell you that St. Lawrence Gap is the liveliest tourist area on the island. It is more than just a place for taverns and clubs; it is a crowd favorite because of its fine white sand, calm and shallow waters, and the comforting wind. They love it even more for the diverse activities that make them enjoy and forget some negativities in their lives.

Among its beaches are Dover Beach, St. Lawrence Bay, Turtle Beach, and Rainbow Beach. For your recreation, first on the list is the Dover playing field, where you can play soccer, cricket, and basketball.

Watersports are also rampant in The Gap; you might want to try renting boogie boards or jet skis, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Visiting the Silver Fox Arcade is suggested if you are highly interested in recreational activities.

Is St. Lawrence Gap Safe for Tourists?

Your safety here could be at greater risk than in other parts of Barbados because tourists are prone to petty crimes. It is also advised that the young, female, and elderly should not be going out at night alone as much as possible.

Here are some numbers you must save in case something unexpected happens:

  • 211 for Police Emergency
  • 1-800-TIPS (8477) for Crime Stoppers
  • 511 for Ambulance Emergency

Upon arrival at St. Lawrence Gap, check your local guides to give you the up-to-date numbers.

Is St. Lawrence Gap Barbados Expensive?

Ideally, traveling at St. Lawrence Gap will be expensive because a 7-day trip is already approximately priced at $1,900 as a solo traveler, $3,400 as a couple, and $6400 as a family of four. However, it would highly depend on how much you are willing to spend.

Coming from a different country by airplane, an individual must pay from $600 to $1,000 if taking economy flights to Barbados and from $2,000 to $3,400 if taking first-class flights. Daily expenses would be about $70 to $140 per person for food, activities, and transportation.

Where to Stay in St. Lawrence Gap Barbados

Below are highly rated accommodations along with relevant information that could help you choose. Since St. Lawrence Gap is all about being near the ocean, these hotels are all found on the beachfront.

  • South Gap Hotel

It is a three-star boutique hotel located near Dover Beach. Its options for tourists are Superior Studio, Junior Suite, and One Bedroom Suite – all with ocean view and access to an outdoor pool.

  • Yellow Bird Hotel

If you are into a chic and intimate ambiance, this 22-room hotel with an outdoor pool that oversees the ocean is for you. All its rooms contain porcelain tiles, granite countertops, widescreen LED TVs, and artworks from Barbadian artists.

  • Monteray Family Hotel

You can get here by reaching the end of St. Lawrence Gap. It offers one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom cottages, and three-bedroom villas, along with a dip in the pool. The vibrant colors on every corner would make you feel at home.

How Far Is Hilton Barbados from St. Lawrence Gap?

To reach Hilton Barbados from St. Lawrence Gap, it would take you twelve minutes for a 5-kilometer drive on Highway 7. However, alternative routes can be via Dayrells Road and Rendezvous Hill but will take you approximately thirteen and sixteen minutes, respectively.

Where to Eat St. Lawrence Gap

You may satisfy your hunger through the following most recommended restaurants listed below. Decide which best fits your taste and other standards by checking the details provided.

  • Harlequin Restaurant

Rostrevor Hotel is the home of this restaurant. Its menu focuses on seafood, grilled delights, vegetarian specialties, and homestyle desserts. You will dine at its well-decorated terrace to appreciate the night sky while jazz music plays.

  • Primo Bar and Bistro

This beachfront restaurant is your best option for a unique and relaxing dining experience. It offers sophisticated meals at affordable prices, such as salads, seafood, and pizzas.

  • Castaways

You may find this restaurant at the top of the St. Lawrence Gap. The food on its menu is island-inspired. It has the best sunset view, especially for your wine and beer time.