What Are the Best Restaurants in Barbados (and Is It Expensive to Eat Out)?

Finding the best restaurants in Barbados can be a difficult task because of the diversity in cuisine. However, there's a restaurant that stands out from the rest. This restaurant is called Palms Beach Club & Grill and has been recognized as one of the best establishments for seafood in Barbados. It has been rated as one of the top 10 by TripAdvisor. It is commonly referred to by locals as "The Best" due to its authentic Caribbean cuisine that imitates flavors worldwide.
What Are the Best Restaurants in Barbados
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In Barbados, there are many food choices, so visitors can find something that suits their tastes. However, it may not be cheap, depending on the location and what you order. The average cost of food in a day is around B$150. And take note that breakfast prices are usually lower than lunch or dinner.

Does Barbados Have Good Food?

Barbados certainly have good food! The food in Barbados is one of the important things that attract tourists to this country. There is a wide variety of seafood, meat, and vegetables. Barbados also has a tropical climate which helps produce great food year-round.

Barbados’s culinary industry is becoming more popular as the country begins to open up to the world. This means more people can visit and taste not only Barbadian cuisine but other countries as well.

Is Barbados Food Spicy?

No, foods in Barbados isn’t usually very spicy. The country’s cuisine generally uses herbs and vegetables to get their flavors without using too much spice. However, their national dish in the country, fried flying fish with spicy gravy, is quite fiery.

What Spices Are Grown in Barbados?

The island of Barbados is home to many different spices such as cinnamon, mace, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg.

Barbados can be found in the Caribbean, which means that the temperature and humidity levels are typically warm year-round. The three primary plants that are grown in Barbados include cloves, allspice, and ginger. Growing these plants is very labor-intensive because of the need to do it by hand or with machines.

What Type of Food Is Barbados Known for?

Barbados, as a fishing island, is known for its seafood dishes. The country’s national dish is flying fish with a side of cou cou. Its dishes are also characterized by a strong and spicy combination of herbs and spices. 

What Fish Is Popular in Barbados?

Known as the “Land of Flying Fish,” flying fish is the most popular fish in Barbados. The island’s waters have plenty of flying fish. With that said, it is the national fish of Barbados. Its symbol can be seen in the country’s coins, the official logo of The Barbados Tourism Authority, and some artworks.

Flying fish is prepared through different methods: frying, baking, steaming, and pickling. The most famous dish with flying fish is the island’s national dish which is flying fish with a side of cou cou. It is a dish with savory steamed flying fish with cornmeal grain and okra. As most loved by the island’s locals, you must not forget to include this in your must-try list.

What Is a Typical Meal in Barbados?

A typical meal in Barbados consists of the main dish of either meat or fish prepared with a variety of herbs and spices. The main dish is served with side dishes, sauces, and salad.

What Is a Typical Barbados Breakfast?

A typical Barbados breakfast usually consists of a sandwich, bread, pancakes, and other breakfast dishes with a cup of tea. One of the breakfast dishes on the island is Conkies. It is a traditional dish in the West Indies, popularly known in Barbados, a mixture of cornmeal, spices, grated pumpkin, coconut, and other ingredients wrapped in banana leaves. This is best served with a hot cup of tea.

What Is the National Dish of Barbados?

Flying fish with a side of cou cou is the national dish in Barbados. As the most popular fish caught on the island, this dish is the most loved by the locals. The flying fish is prepared with garlic, thyme, fresh onion, tomatoes, and pepper in this dish. At the same time, the cou cou is made of cornmeal grain, water, and fresh okra.

Is It Safe to Eat the Food in Barbados?

It is undoubtedly safe to eat the food in Barbados, especially those that are cooked. However, always be cautious when eating foods you are not used to and those from the street. Street foods may be unfamiliar to you. Do not consume unclean, unwashed fruits and vegetables, and drink tap water to avoid a stomach ache.

Best Restaurants in Barbados

With its wide variety of cuisine, eating in restaurants is one of the best things you can do while in Barbados. Here are the best restaurants you can try on the island:

    • The Lone Star: A restaurant and boutique hotel in Mount Stadfast, Barbados, serves Italian dishes like wood-fired pizza, homemade shepherd’s pie, fish fingers, and chips. 
    • The Fish Pot, Little Good Harbour: Located on Barbados’ northwest coast, serves fresh seafood dishes. Some of its recommended dishes are lobster ravioli and blue crab salad. 
    • The Cliff: Set atop a cliff, this restaurant is the most expensive in Barbados. It serves incredible dishes while boasting its view of the island’s coast and the marine animals with its underwater lighting. 

Best Beach Restaurants Barbados

While enjoying the food served for you, you can also relax with the view of the Barbados waters in these best beach restaurants on the island. 

    • La Cabane: Having a relaxed and South France vibe, you can enjoy your lunch with chicken, salad, and rum punch in this beach restaurant. After that, you can dip on the beach alongside. 
    • Nikki Beach: Located in a beachfront location, this restaurant serves excellent food and signature dishes like sexy salad. 
    • The Atlantis: If you want to eat lunch with the traditional Bajan cuisine with the perfect view of the beach coast, The Atlantis is the best beach restaurant for you. 

Best Breakfast in Barbados

To satisfy your most important meal of the day, breakfast, you can enjoy some of the best breakfast meals in Happy Cafe. They serve pancakes, breakfast hotdogs, bacon, and brewed cafe. 

Best Barbados Restaurants for Lunch

After doing some of the activities on the island, here are some of the best restaurants you can try for lunch:

    • Fish Pot: On the border of St. Lucy, you can find this restaurant that serves fresh seafood dishes. One of the dishes you should not miss is its seafood curry. A meal in Fish pot with three courses costs around B$100 ($50). 
    • Cutters of Barbados: Serving the island’s national sandwich, flying fish cutter, you can drive to this restaurant east of Barbados. 
    • Almond Shak Deli: Offering a buffet of local food with their lunchtime specials for only B$20 ($10); Almond Shak Deli is located on the south coast of Barbados. 

Best Pizza in Barbados

The best pizza you can eat in Barbados is Mama Mia’s Italian Pizza. You can try this in Mama Mia Italian Deli & Pizzeria in Bridgetown. Its pizza is thin crust, and most of its menu is gluten-free. 

What Fast Food Restaurants Are There in Barbados?

If you are craving fast food, you can also find restaurants serving them in Barbados. Some of the fast-food restaurants present on the island are:

    • Tiki Pies
    • Burger King
    • Chefette
    • Rottie Hut
    • Lefties
    • The Urban Kitchen
    • Subway
    • KFC

How Much Is a Burger in Barbados?

A burger in Barbados costs around B$6 ($3). You can buy it from fast-food chains on the island like Burger King and restaurants, cafes, and bars across Barbados such as Zaccios, Waterfront Cafe, and Pronto Food and Drink.

Where Do the Locals Eat in Barbados?

Indulge in the Bajan cuisine in these places in Barbados where locals eat. 

    • Sandra’s: For a perfect lunch experience, you can try Sandra’s, where they serve their dishes buffet-style. 
    • Granny’s restaurant: This restaurant serves the country’s national dish, flying fish and cou cou. This restaurant would make you feel that your dish is cooked and prepared by your grandmother from the name itself. 
    • R. A. Mapp: Serving rotisserie chicken, R.A. Mapp elevates this dish with its Bajan seasonings. 

Are Restaurants in Barbados Expensive?

A typical meal in Barbados from an inexpensive restaurant would cost around B$30 ($15). For a fast-food meal, that would cost you B$10 ($5).

How Much Is a Typical Meal in Barbados?

A typical meal in Barbados from an inexpensive restaurant would cost around B$30 ($15). For a fast-food meal, that would cost you B$10 ($5).

Why Is Food So Expensive in Barbados?

You may be wondering why food is expensive in Barbados. The reason is that the majority of its products are imported from the United States and the United Kingdom. 

What Is the Most Expensive Restaurant in Barbados?

A luxury restaurant in Barbados, The Cliff is the most expensive restaurant in Barbados. A meal in this restaurant costs around B$300 ($150) per person for a two-course meal. But the menu does not disappoint. It may be the most expensive, but it is also worth spending.

For the first course, you can have spicy Thai-style beef salad and snow crab cake. While for the main course, you can try seared tuna with saffron caper sauce and tomato coulis.

Aside from the mouth-watering menu, you can also enjoy the view while in The Cliff, as you can watch stingrays and other marine animals in the illuminated waters below the restaurant. This fine-dining experience will surely leave you full and in awe!