Is Bridgetown in Barbados Worth Visiting (and What Is the City Known for)?

Barbados, a country located in the Caribbean, is known for its beaches and beautiful weather in the summer. Many tourists around the world get to experience the Caribbean vibes when they visit Barbados. They enjoy the beaches, food, and the local hospitality of the Barbadians.
Is Bridgetown in Barbados Worth Visiting
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Most of the population of the country can be found in its capital, Bridgetown. There are many attractions that you can visit there. However, there are other cities and towns that you can also visit, such as Speightstown City, Oistins, and Holetown. If you are visiting Barbados, your recommended first destination should be Bridgetown.

What Country Is Bridgetown the Capital of

Bridgetown is the Capital City of Barbados, an island country in the Caribbean region. Different European countries have colonized Barbados during the exploration period in the 1500s.

Countries such as Spain, Portugal, the British Empire, and the Netherlands have settled in the islands. However, at the present, Barbados is now an independent state and under the Commonwealth realm of Queen Elizabeth II.

In Which Continent Is Bridgetown

The city of Bridgetown is in Barbados, and the country belongs to the North American continent together with the United States, Canada, and other 20 countries. Barbados’s nearest neighbor countries are Saint Lucia (north), Saint Vincent and Grenadines (West), and Trinidad and Tobago (South). The distance between Bridgetown, Barbados, and the United States is 2,772 mi. or 4,461 km.

Where Is Bridgetown Located in Barbados

Bridgetown is located at the Southwest of the island of Barbados. It has a port called the Bridgetown Port, which is found along Carlisle Bay. Most of the leading exchanges in trade, commerce, cultural and social activities happen at Bridgetown.

If you want to visit Bridgetown, you can go to the island in two ways: via air travel and sea travel. Most tourists arrived in the country through cruise lines stopping at Bridgetown’s international harbor for sea travel.

If you want to travel via air, there are many airlines that can accommodate your trips in Barbados. Most air travels coming from the United States have a flight time of three to five hours. Flights from Europe usually take 7 to 10 hours, depending on where you are located in Europe.

Where Is Bridgetown Airport

Bridgetown airport, commonly known as the Grantley Adams International Airport, is located in the southern part of the island and is approximately 8 miles (13km) east of Bridgetown.

The airport accommodates world-class service through its facilities in the area. You can enjoy their lounge, restaurants, shops, and free WiFi. If you want some assistance with your luggage, some porters can help you with an affordable charge.

How Far Is Bridgetown From Barbados Airport

Barbados airport is 8 miles (13km) away from Bridgetown. Be sure that you have already settled your hotel accommodation in Bridgetown so that you will have no problem once you arrive in the city.

If you haven’t booked accommodation yet, you can ask for help from the tourist help desks in the airport to help you with your accommodation. If you have acquaintances or friends in Bridgetown, they may pick you up at the airport to avoid the hassle of using public transportation.

How Do I Get From Barbados Airport to Bridgetown

Since Barbados airport is just 8 miles (13km) away from Bridgetown, there are a lot of public transportation services that you can avail of for your trip. Barbados airport has an airport bus service that can tour you around the city of Bridgetown and other places in the country.

There is also a taxi service available throughout the country. The taxi service offers 24-hours of service and is considered the main public transportation of Barbados. If you are not comfortable riding different taxis during your stay in Barbados, you can contact one taxi driver and make him your on-call driver for your convenience.

You can also avail of rental car services at an affordable price. Some hotels offer shuttle services for their guests.

Is Bridgetown Safe for Tourists

Yes, indeed! Bridgetown is very safe for tourists since the city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Therefore, it is preserved and totally protected by the government of Barbados from anything that can ruin the site’s reputation, such as crime and pollution. The Bridgetown police are also visible in many parts of the city since the tourists always flock to the country’s capital.

You do not need to worry if you are lost or having a hard time looking for a place to visit. The people of Bridgetown are willing to help you with your concerns. They are known to be hospitable and accommodating. However, it is still advisable to always look after your belongings and be vigilant in crowded places. You can enjoy it, but you must also be alert!

Is Bridgetown Safe at Night

Yes, you can enjoy Bridgetown at night safely! Police visibility in Bridgetown has a good rating, especially in places where most of the party and festival activities happen. Nightlife in Bridgetown is an overwhelming experience, and you will really experience Caribbean party life.

Just as the sun sets in Bridgetown, bars and stalls are just starting to pump up. So, you enjoy Bridgetown’s nightlife like it doesn’t stop!

What to Do Bridgetown

Once you get dressed up and ready to explore the beauty of Bridgetown, one day is not enough to enjoy life in the city. You can do many things in the city, whether it is during the day or at night.

  • Visit Bridgetown’s Beaches

You must go to Bridgetown’s beaches first if you want to enjoy the sea breeze and the summer weather. The Carlisle Bay, a long stretch of beachline located at the capital, is a site you must see and experience. Beaches such as the Pebbles Beach and Boatyard Beach Club have one of the finest sand beaches in the Caribbean.

If you want to explore the deep waters of Barbados, you can visit Carlisle Bay Marine Park. The Park is a very popular spot for scuba diving since many shipwrecks and relics are found on its seafloor.

  • Visit Barbados Garrison

If you want to learn more about Bridgetown’s rich military history, you can check out the Barbados Garrison in the downtown area of the city. It is located at Highway 7, Garrison, St. Michael, Bridgetown.

This garrison is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was the largest garrison located in the British colonies during the 18th century. The Barbados Defense Force is also located here.

Also, near the Garrison is the St. Ann’s Fort, George Washington’s House, and the Barbados National Armoury. Aside from the military history shown by the Garrison, you can also visit the Barbados Museum nearby. All of Barbados’ rich history can be found there.

  • Visit Parliament Building

The government offices of Barbados are all located in Bridgetown. These buildings are also tourists attractions for people who appreciate the neo-Gothic architectural styles. The Parliament Building serves as one of the attractive landmarks in the city. It houses the political structure of Barbados, its Senate and House of Assembly.

Aside from the government offices, you can also visit the National Gallery and the Parliament Museum. There, you can find out more about the political history of Barbados and how they have gained independence from the British Empire.

  • Visit St. Michael’s Cathedral

If you are craving more landmarks and attractions in Bridgetown, you can also visit St. Michael’s Cathedral. It is located at Henry’s Lane, Collymore Rock, St. Michael.

You can go inside the cathedral and appreciate its interior design, or you could just walk around outside its premises and visit the cathedral’s graveyard where you can find some graves of prominent figures in Barbados.

  • Visit The Nidhe Israel Synagogue

The Nidhe Israel Synagogue is also worth the visit. It is located at Synagogue Lane, Bridgetown. Nidhe Israel Synagogue is considered one of the oldest synagogues located in the Western Hemisphere. It was also considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

You will appreciate the synagogue’s marble features and nearby graveyard. The synagogue also has a small museum where you can learn how the Jewish community started in Barbados.

  • Visit Queen’s Park House

If you come to pass by the Constitution Road, do not forget to visit Queen’s Park House. This area was used to be the home of the commanders of British Troops stationed in Barbados.

At present, local festivals and events are celebrated here. The house itself has an art gallery where you can visit. You can also find the giant baobab tree which is believed to be more than a thousand years old.

  • Enjoy the Nightlife

If you are tired of visiting these places during the day, be sure that you still have the energy to kick it off at night. Bridgetown is believed to be one of the best places to experience Caribbean nightlife since it has everything that you can wish for when you are craving nightlife. There are a lot of night clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, and beach bars that you can enjoy and make your night in Barbados memorable.

You can visit the Harbour Lights located at Marine Villa, Bay Street at night after you have enjoyed its beach by the day. This beach club offers dinner and light shows, disco parties from different DJs in the city.

If you traveled to Barbados but do not want to miss your favorite Premier League Football, you should visit Wendy’s Sports Bar. They offer a lot of affordable food and beer while you enjoy different sporting events from their screens.

  • Other Activities to do

Aside from visiting the mentioned places, you can also do other activities, such as availing of walking tours, food tours, and art galleries that will maximize your Bridgetown exploration experience.

Truly, Bridgetown has a lot of things to offer when you visit the city. I recommend visiting these places when you are in Bridgetown. You get to feel the mix of the rich historical culture of Barbados and the rich culture and hospitality of the Bajans.

What Shops Are There in Bridgetown

You should not forget to shop if you are a tourist in Bridgetown. The city has a lot to offer when it comes to the premium Caribbean shopping experience. You have a lot to choose from souvenirs, local crafts, and retail products when shopping in Bridgetown.

  • Shops in Broad Street

The city’s main street, Broad Street, is one of the busiest commercial districts in Bridgetown. Most Barbados banks, department stores, duty-free shops, and retail shops are located here. You will witness the bustling city life of the Barbadians just by walking around Broad Street.

One of the oldest and famous department stores on Broad Street is the Cave Shepherd Department Store. It offers a wide range of dry goods that you can choose from.

  • Shops in Swan Street

If you want to look for cheaper local products. You can go to Swan Street to visit the retail stores and street vendors selling a variety of products. If you are a thrift guru and you want to maximize your tight budget, then it is suggested that you look for your desired products in stalls and vendors along Swan Street. Name it, and they surely have it.

Aside from the two main streets of Bridgetown, you can also visit Tudor and Roebuck Street if you want to shop for more options and products. You can visit Hazell’s Water World, Ganzee, Red Clay Pottery, the Royal Shop, Pelican Craft Center, Little Switzerland, and the Cheapside Street Market for specialty and gift shops.

What to Eat in Bridgetown

After a long day of shopping, of course, your stomach needs something to shop for too. It would be best if you shopped for what is best for your tummy and there are a lot of restaurants and food places that you can choose from depending on your taste. Bridgetown offers a wide variety of food and drinks to its tourists.

  • Coo-Coo with Flying Fish

If you are the kind of tourist who likes to eat at fancy restaurants, it is recommended that you visit Waterfront Café located at Cavans Ln, Bridgetown. They serve one of the best Coo-Coo with Flying Fish cuisines in Barbados and you may watch different musicians perform while enjoying your food and the sunset view.

You can also try this dish at Brown Sugar Restaurant located at Bay St. and Mustor’s Restaurant at Mc. Gregor St.

  • Flying Fish Cutters

To enjoy their local sandwich, you can visit Cuz’s Fish Shack and order their best Flying Fish Cutters on the island. They are located at Needham’s Point, Bridgetown. This cuisine is a type of Barbadian sandwich that is made with Bajan salt bread.

You can also order this food at Ju Ju’s Beach Bar at Highway 1B, Mount Standfast, Bridgetown.

  • Pudding and Souse

Barbados has a traditional dish called Pudding and Souse. There are a lot of places in Barbados where you can eat this dish, but in Bridgetown, you can get it at Castaway’s Bar and Grill. It is located at St. Lawrence Gap, Bridgetown.

To know more about Pudding and Souse, it is a pork and potato dish that is commonly served as a Saturday Lunch. The pork is soaked in lime juice and combined with onions, peppers, and cucumbers.