Is It Worth Going to Barbados (and What Do I Need to Know Before My Vacation)?

With its tranquil beaches surrounding the island, Barbados is worth going to! It offers activities and facilities that suit all ages. So, there is nothing to worry about when you are going to travel alone, or with your partner, or even with a family.
Is It Worth Going to Barbados?
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But you must know some things before you travel for your vacation to avoid any trouble. Read all about them here!

Is Barbados a Good Island to Visit?

Barbados is a wonderful island to visit. It is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean because of its stunning beaches.  The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea both meet Barbados’ coasts.

It has been a famous spot for celebrities for their holiday escapades. Its tranquil beaches can give you peace and joy for your getaway. Also, you can enjoy its nightlife, variety of cuisines, and activities.

What Is So Special and Unique About Barbados?

Barbados is the birthplace of rum. No one can ever take that! In 1703, the Mount Gay Distilleries started producing rum, which is the oldest in the world. And you can find over 1500 rum shops in Barbados. You may find your favorite mix here!

Barbados is also the birthplace of Rihanna. She is a popular actress, designer, singer, songwriter, and megastar. There are times she visits Barbados and so who knows you might bump into her?

What Is Barbados Best Known for?

Barbados is best known for its beautiful white-sand beaches. It is an island in the Caribbean that boasts having coasts that have unique characteristics from each other.

Since it is on the Atlantic Side, the East coast is more rugged and rural. It is the opposite of the West coast, which is more urban and the center of tourism. The South coast is calmer than the other coasts, unlike the north coast with enormous waves and cliffs.

Some beaches that you can visit in Barbados are Carlisle Bay, Crane Beach, Dover Beach, Holetown Beach, Mullins Beach, Paynes Beach, Silver Sands Beach, and Pebble Beach.

What to Visit in Barbados?

Aside from its beaches, Barbados has other popular tourist spots. This includes caves, historical places, and restaurants. Here are some that you can visit when you travel to the island:

  • Lawrence Gap
  • Friday Fish Fry at Oistins
  • Carlisle Bay
  • Crane Beach
  • Folkestone Marine Park & Museum
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve
  • Sunbury Plantation Great House
  • Harrison’s Cave
  • Animal Flower Cave

What Is It Like to Vacation in Barbados?

A vacation in Barbados is days of swimming under its pristine beaches and with marine animals. You may also experience the liveliest nights of your life in St. Lawrence Gap. You can find live bands and entertainment there.

A vacation in Barbados is a trip into their history when you visit its museums and some of its historical places. Its welcoming locals will make you feel comfortable on the island, and even its cuisines.

Is Barbados Good for Honeymoon?

Barbados is good for a honeymoon. It is a popular destination for a honeymoon because of its laid-back vibe. It has romantic resorts, accommodating facilities, fine dining restaurants, and pristine beaches. These will give you and your partner an unforgettable romantic getaway.

Some of the best places where you can enjoy your honeymoon are The Sandpiper, Sandals Barbados, Coral Reef Club, Sandy Lane. The House by Elegant Hotels, Beach House by the Crane, and The Abidah by Accra. These hotels and resorts offer facilities to cater to all the needs of those who will spend their honeymoon in Barbados. This includes infinity pools, extravagant rooms, luxurious spas, and white sand beaches.

Is Barbados Good for Families?

Barbados is good for families. It is one of the most family-friendly islands in the Caribbean. Its popular spots and facilities fit all ages. So, if you are traveling with your family, you don’t have to worry about your children. They have some things to do too.

You can try some all-inclusive family resorts in Barbados, such as Turtle Beach and Crystal Cove by Elegant Hotels, Barbados Beach Club, and Almond Beach Resort. These resorts have facilities like games rooms that offer sports activities for children and food for their ages.

Is Barbados Lively?

It is lively in Barbados. One of the best things you can do in Barbados is to enjoy its nightlife. When the sun comes down, the fun starts especially for people who love to party.

You can find live performances and entertainment, vibrant music, bars, and nightclubs where you can party.

Where Is Lively in Barbados?

You can find the lively part of Barbados in St. Lawrence Gap. It is a 1.3 km road in Christ Church Parish. It is a popular area because this is the center of Barbados’ nightlife.

You can find clubs, restaurants, bars that are near your accommodation. Its nightlife has live performances from bands and DJs. You can enjoy these while sipping your favorite drink or roaming around food vendors in the area.

What to Do in Barbados?

Although Barbados is a small island, there are so many things you can do when you visit the island. Here are some that you can try:

  • Fishing, snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, surfing in Barbados’ waters
  • Shopping, visiting museums, and historical places
  • Enjoying the nightlife
  • Exploring caves and rainforests
  • Eating varieties of food and cuisines
  • Enjoying indoor activities offered by hotels and resorts such as playing golf
  • Having romantic dates on beaches, resorts, and restaurants

Does Barbados Have Good Fishing?

Barbados has good fishing. As an island in the Caribbean, Barbados has not only pristine waters but also diverse marine life. Also, the island offers great fishing because of its tropical climate and warm waters.

Between January and April is the best season to go fishing. The best spots where you can go fishing are Godings Bay, Six Men’s Bay, and pier in Speightstown; Alleyne’s Beach on Mount Standfast; southwest coast near Silversands; and between Mango Bay and Tropical Sunset on Holetown Beach.

Some fishes you can catch in Barbados waters are the blue and white marlin, yellowfin tuna, dolphin, sailfish, wahoo, and barracuda.

Is It Worth Going to Barbados for a Week?

It is worth going to Barbados for a week. That is enough time to go around the island and enjoy the different activities it offers. Yet, if you have enough budget, it would still be better to stay for more than a week. There is so much to enjoy in Barbados!

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Barbados for a Week?

Going to Barbados for a week costs around B$4000 ($2000). The average daily cost of a person for a day including transportation and meals on restaurants in Barbados is around B$600 ($300). For your accommodation, you may spend around B$350 ($175) on average.

How Many Days Do You Need in Barbados?

You may need two weeks or 14 days in Barbados. That number of days would be enough to go around Barbados, get to know the locals, and enjoy all the activities that the island offers. This includes water sports activities, the nightlife, and fishing.

Can You Wear Shorts in Barbados?

You can wear shorts in Barbados. This is even ideal to wear in the daytime, especially when you are going to spend some time on the beach. Shorts are also comfortable to wear when you are planning to enjoy the island’s nightlife or go for a hike.

What Should You Not Wear in Barbados?

You should not wear camouflage in Barbados. Any clothing that has camouflage – may it be your shirt, your shorts, your pants, hats, jackets, etc. is not allowed in Barbados.

If they saw you wearing it, they will fine you $2000 or imprison you for one year or both. So, to not violate the prohibition of camo, better not wear anything with its print or material.

Are You Allowed to Wear Camo in Barbados?

You are not allowed to wear camo or camouflage in Barbados. This is illegal on the island when you don’t have the authority to wear it, or you are not someone who should be wearing it.  An example of authorized camo users is the police force.

Why Is Camo Illegal in Barbados?

Camouflage is illegal in Barbados because of the confusion it causes. Wearing camo may show that you are a member of the military having patrols, a rebel against the government, or a supporter of terrorist organizations.

Wearing camo or having items with this kind of print is illegal. If seen in public, they may ask you to pay a fine amounting to $2000, or one-year imprisonment, or both.

What Else Illegal to Wear in Barbados?

Aside from camouflage, it is also illegal to wear a khaki in Barbados. Khaki is a light-yellowish brown uniform of the military, together with camouflage. It is illegal to wear it in Barbados as it is the country’s uniform for its Defense Force.

Can You Smoke in Barbados?

You can smoke in Barbados. Cigarettes are also available in shops and stores across the island. But the country prohibits smoking in public places. You can do it in places where there are fewer people. The chance of spreading secondhand smoke will also be lesser.

Can You Buy Tobacco in Barbados?

You can buy tobacco in Barbados. The sale of cigarettes, in packs or per stick, is not prohibited on the island. You can buy them at shops at Grantley International Airport, corner shops, and gasoline stations across Barbados. You may spend about B$20 ($10) on a pack of cigarettes.

But you may not buy cigarettes if you are a minor, ages below 18.

Can You Buy English Cigarettes in Barbados?

You can buy English cigarettes in Barbados. Some brands of English cigarettes present on the island are Embassy Switch, Newport, Benson & Hedges, Pall Mall, and Embassy by British American Tobacco. It is available in the island’s airport, markets, and shops.

Are Menthol Cigarettes Banned in Barbados?

Menthol cigarettes are not banned in Barbados. They do not regulate the ingredients in cigarettes on the island. So, you can find menthol cigarettes in Barbados. You can buy this at Barbados’ airport.

Can I Buy Menthol Cigarettes in Barbados?

You can buy menthol cigarettes in Barbados. These are available at shops in Grantley International Airport like The Refinery.

Are Cigarettes Cheap in Barbados?

Cigarettes are cheap in Barbados. A pack of cigarettes costs about B$20 ($10). This is cheaper compared to other countries. You can buy it from the duty-free tobacco shops at Grantley International Airport as well as in some gas stations, and corner shops across Barbados.

If you are going to smoke, always keep in mind that you may not do it in public places. This is to avoid affecting other people because of secondhand smoke.

Is Vaping Legal in Barbados?

Vaping is legal in Barbados. This includes selling and using electronic smoking devices or e-cigarettes on the island. But you may not use it in public places.

On the Health Service Amendment Bill 2017 of the Barbados Parliament, they extended the prohibition of smoking in public places to e-cigarettes or better known as vaping.

What Is Banned in Barbados?

To avoid any trouble while you are on your visit to Barbados, here are some things banned in the country that you must know:

  • Camouflage – Barbados bans wearing or carrying items made with camouflage such as bags. It confuses authorities when it comes to identifying the threat of rebellion and support for terrorism and its organizations.
  • Single-Use Plastic – Barbados bans petroleum-based, single-use plastics. It is not allowed to distribute, sell, and use these. Some examples are cups and food containers made of Styrofoam.
  • Illegal Drugs and Narcotics – In Barbados, it is illegal to own and distribute these. You may pay for your fine or go to prison, or both if convicted of such action.

What Is Barbados Known for Producing?

Barbados is known for producing crops mainly sugarcane, cotton, and vegetables. Since the early days, sugar production has been one of the major industries that dominated the Barbados economy. But today, Barbados found tourism as one sector that dominates their economy. Hence, the decline of sugarcane production.

They still produce cotton and vegetables. Aside from that are bananas, onions, and poultry.

What Is the Main Product of Barbados?

The main products of Barbados are bananas, fish, natural gas, onions, poultry, shellfish, sugarcane, and vegetables. They export some of these while the households on the island use some.

Aside from the country’s tourism, these products help to boost their economy.

What to Bring Back from Barbados?

Before going back to your home country, be sure to buy rum, tamarind balls, rum cake, sugar cake, coconut bread, Bajan seasoning, souvenir shirts. You can bring it with you for your family!

Is Barbados Nice?

Barbados is nice – from its tourist spots, beaches, shops, locals. The island has so much to offer you. It is also a safe place where you can spend your vacation with your loved ones.

Why Do People Want to Go to Barbados?

People want to go to Barbados because of its pristine beaches. You can find different beaches that fit every activity like swimming, sailing, snorkeling, and surfing. Aside from that, Barbados has a rich culture and history that people may want to know.