Why is Oistins Fish Fry So Famous (and What Else Should I Do in Oistins)?

Oistins is another tourist destination that tourists visit when they travel to Barbados. Locals label Oistins as a fishing spot on the island. The place is very famous for its local fish cuisine and beaches. One of the reasons why it is the best around Barbados is that you can get the fish fries as fresh as they can be by the beach! You can really taste the ultimate Bajan experience through their Fish Fries. Their Fish Fry gives locals and tourists the savory flavor that makes them come back to experience it again and again.
Why Is Oistins Fish Fry So Famous?
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Oistins is the third most populated city in Barbados. It has a population size of 3,634. Even if tourists visit the city of Bridgetown most of the time, there are also a lot of places to visit in Oistins.

There are many things that you can do when you visit Oistins. A lot of dining places and restaurants can offer you various seafood dishes and local drinks. There are also tourist attractions that can catch your interest and inform you more about the town’s history. Oistins has a lot of exciting activities which you can experience the moment you visit the place.

Where Is Oistins Located in Barbados?

You can find Oistins in the southern part of Barbados. It belongs to the Christ Church Parish, which is one of the eleven parishes in the country. The place is only 9.9 miles (15.9 kilometers) away from Bridgetown.

If you traveled in Barbados and your hotel is at Bridgetown, you can go to Oistins through Highway 6. You can avail public transportation such as buses, taxis, or car rentals.

Is Oistins a Town?

People consider Oistins as a city in Barbados, but if you try to look at the city’s population, it is more of a town-like size than other cities. Most economic activities in Oistins are fishing or fishing-related jobs and tourism. It also has a port used for the importation of fossil fuels and other economic products.

When you go to their port, you can always see fishing boats dropping their fresh catches from the ocean. These catches go immediately to markets and fish fry stalls.

Is Oistins Safe?

Overall, Oistins is safe for tourists. Local police are also visible in the area, so any locals or tourists can report a possible criminal activity easily. If you want to experience night walks around Oistins, it is advisable not to walk alone at night. It is better that you walk in groups when going to the beaches and streets. Be responsible in taking care of your belongings and always take precautions wherever you go.

The people of Oistins are very hospitable to the tourists, and they are very accommodating. When you ride public buses, you can experience the local crowd riding along with you. Taxis are also 24/7 so if you feel tired from strolling Oistins at night, you can just wait for a taxi along the road.

There are some unique laws that are being practiced in the island country of Barbados. You need to keep them in mind to be truly safe.

  • The country does not allow anybody to wear any camouflage-related clothes anywhere in the country. Only authorized personnel can wear these patterns.
  • On beaches, tourists need to wear appropriate swimwear. Nudity is illegal in the country.

Is There a Western Union in Oistins?

Yes. There are banks and money exchange centers in Oistins. If you want to go to a Western Union branch, you can visit Southern Plaza Shopping Center located at Oistins, Christ Church. The shopping center opens on weekdays only, so schedule your trip to Western Union at a planned time.

What Is Oistins in Barbados Known for?

Oistins comprises many fishing communities and has the best Fish Fry hotspot in the country. Barbadians go to Oistins every Friday night to experience the fantastic food that the fishing town has to offer. Many small vendors and stores are lined up across Oistins beach selling fresh Fish Fries.

Where to Eat in Oistins?

If you wish to go to Oistins to eat, there are a lot of places that you can go to enjoy their food. The most common dishes in Oistins are seafood, but they also serve other kinds of meat like chicken and pork. You can get them grilled or fried. Here are some famous restaurants and places you can visit when you want to eat in Oistins:

  • Surfer’s Cafe

Located in Oistins Main Road, it is very accessible for tourists and locals who visit Oistins. It is a beachfront restaurant that offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner meals. You can also listen to live music in the evening starting at 6 o’clock. You get to enjoy eating and listening to music while having a breathtaking view of Oistins Bay.

There are also other accommodations in the cafe, such as free Wi-Fi and Italian Coffee called Lavazza. Many tourists visit Surfer’s cafe, so you must have table reservations to avoid waiting during peak hours.

  • Chillin and Grillin

You can find this island-style restaurant along the Oistins Garden Bay. This restaurant offers a great oceanside dining experience. You can choose from the wide selection of fish and meats accompanied by salads and other appetizers.

You also get to witness them grill your order since they cook the food on an outdoor grill. You can also drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as their local beers and rum. The restaurant also offers their very own rum punch, which is highly recommended.

  • Fred’s Bar and Restaurant

Opening in 1996, this restaurant offers fresh Bajan food for locals and tourists who are visiting Oistins. The restaurant is also located along Oistins Garden Bay so you can also enjoy the view of Oistins beach during the day and night. Most of its cuisines are seafood and Caribbean. However, they also have meals on the menu that are vegetarian-friendly and Gluten-free.

  • Uncle George

You can visit Uncle George Restaurant at 10528 Main Road, Oistins. The place offers local cuisines, seafood, and barbeque during the evening and late-night meals. If you want to experience late dining at night in Oistins, this is a recommended place. Most tourists and locals go to the restaurant for dinner, so please book a reservation for your convenience.

These are just some of the famous restaurants that you can visit in Oistins. To explore more dining areas, you can go to the Oistins Bay Gardens and Oistins Main Road. Enjoy walking along these streets to experience the daily Oistins way of life.

Where Is Oistins Fish Fry?

Oistins Fish Fry is one of the famous places that offer the best Fish Fry in the country. You can find Oistins Fish Fry along Oistins main road. It is highly recommended that you try Oistins Fish Fry when you are visiting Barbados.

How Much Is Oistins Fish Fry?

You can buy the Oistins Fish Fry at a very affordable price. You can choose from a wide selection of seafood and Caribbean food. You can also decide if you want to fry or grill your fish. The price depends on the kind of fish that you will order; The price ranges between B$25 to 40, roughly USD 13 to 20.

What Day Is Oistins Fish Fry?

You can visit Oistins Fish Fry any time of the week, but it is best visited every Friday night. This night hotspot in Oistins attracts locals and tourists all over Barbados. They get to enjoy the night with fresh seafood while enjoying live performances from local bands and singers. Be sure to book your reservations on a Friday night since there will be crowds waiting to order their fish fries that day.

When Does Oistins Fish Fry Open?

The Oistins Fish Fry usually opens at six o’clock in the evening onwards. This is when vendors will display their fresh catch of fish that are ready to fry or grill.

What Time to Go to Oistins Fish Fry

The best time to go to Oistins really depends on you. If you want to go to Oistins Fish Fry as early as possible, you may come at around 5:30 in the afternoon so that you can decide where to buy your Fish Fry. Usually, the venue becomes crowded on a Friday night around 7 in the evening onwards. If you think that you will arrive at Oistins Fish Fry at that time, try to make reservations by contacting the stores located there.

It is also exciting to come in the late evening to enjoy the musical performances of live bands while eating your Fish Fry meal. You can order their local Barbados beer and famous rum at nearby rum shops at a very reasonable price. Better try it together with your Fish Fry meal.

The vendors and the Oistins Fish Fry close before midnight. However, there is an exception every Friday night since many crowds flock together at the venue to enjoy the food at Oistins.

Is Oistins Fish Fry Safe?

Oistins Fish Fry is as safe and fresh as ever! Oistins’ main economic activity is fishing. So, expect fresh catches of fish and other seafood every day.

However, if you are allergic to specific seafood meals, better consult your doctor first. This is very important since you do not know what possible allergies may come out if you eat Caribbean seafood.

What to Wear to Oistins Fish Fry?

There is no dress code or necessary clothing to wear when going to the Oistins Fish Fry. You can wear casual beach attire and flip-flops to enjoy the beach vibe while eating there. Just wear clothes that you are comfortable wearing because what is most important is your experience of having fun in Oistins.

However, even though you can wear any casual attire, do not forget that any camouflage print on clothes is not permitted in Barbados. Just make your clothing simple and comfortable at the same time.

What Else to Do in Oistins?

Although Oistins is just a small town in Barbados, there are still a lot of activities to do when you visit there. If you want to explore downtown Oistins, there are some landmarks which are also tourist attractions. Along the coastline, there are also beach resorts that are near the Oistins Garden Bay. Here are some activities that you can do in Oistins:

  • Attend the Annual Oistins Festival

The Oistins Fish Fry Festival happens every Easter weekend. This is one of the largest community festivals in Barbados. You will witness lively Calypso, Caribbean, and Reggae music from different stalls. You can enjoy listening while choosing your fish fries from a number of vendors.

The locals will showcase the culture and tradition of Oistins during the event. You will see local artworks displayed around the venue. There are also competitions such as the fish boning competition and the grease-pole competition. This is one of the crowded festivals in Oistins, so you set your hotel reservations as early as possible.

  • Visit Maxwell Beach

Maxwell beach is a public beach near Oistins. You can go there on a picnic at your preferred time while enjoying the fine sand and crystal waters. If you want more exciting beach activities, the place also offers various watersports. You can ride a jet ski, go scuba diving, or go snorkeling.

  • Play at Barbados Golf Club

If interested in playing golf in Barbados, then this place is the best for you. Located in Durants Oistins, the Barbados Golf Club is the main golfing club in the country. The golf course has hosted a lot of golfing events in Barbados. It opens at 7 in the morning and closes at 5:30 in the afternoon.

  • Party at McBride’s Music Pub and Night Club

Oistins also offers one of the best nightlife experiences aside from its Friday Nights at the Oistins Fish Fry. If you are in the mood for a party, visit McBride’s Music Pub and Night Club. You can find it at St. Lawrence Gap, Oistins. The club features live DJ performances every night. You can also avail yourself of their outdoor dining and beer garden to enjoy the night with your ice-cold beer.

  • Golden Touch Spa Barbados

If you feel exhausted from the party last night or from visiting different places in Oistins, you deserve a nice relaxing massage. You can get this from the Golden Touch Spa Barbados in Maxwell Hill Rd, Oistins. The Spa offers various services such as pedicure and manicure, massages, body scrubs, and stone therapy.

  • Drink Coffee at Ocean 15 Coffee Bar

If you want to spend your mornings drinking coffee while enjoying the view of the Oistins coastline, then you must visit Ocean 15 Coffee Bar. The Bar offers a Starbucks-like coffee in Barbados. They also serve breakfast meals that are a perfect combination with your coffee. You can visit Ocean 15 Coffee Bar at Ocean 15 Hotel, Saint Lawrence Gap, Oistins.

  • Shop at a Dollarwise Store

You can find these Dollarwise stores all around Barbados. You can visit one in Oistins too. You can shop there for a wide variety of souvenirs, beach essentials, clothes, and food.

  • Try Barbadian Fast Food: Chefette

McDonald’s does not exist in Barbados because they have a fast-food restaurant chain across the country. If you are up to some Caribbean fast food, then buy your burger and chips meal at Chefette at a very affordable price.

  • Visit the Christ Church Parish Church

Barbados was Christianized as early as the 1600s. This is why most churches across the country are more than a century old. In Christ Church, you get to see the beautiful piece of architecture of the Parish Church. It has survived several disasters in Barbados.

Aside from its astonishing design, it is also considered to be one of the scariest places in Barbados. If you are fond of reading ghost stories, then these places might interest you, and it is worth checking out.

  • Barbados Horticultural Society

If you are an enthusiast in gardening and horticulture, you must visit Barbados Horticultural Society. You can find it at Balls, Christ Church. They hold annual flower shows that might interest you. It happens on January 25 to 26 every year, so book those reservations if you want to attend.

  • Book with Island Explorer Tours

Exploring the whole of Barbados at Oistins is possible with the Island Explorer Tours. These 1-day travel packages are common for tourists who have hotels in Oistins. They get to explore the whole island in just one day.

  • Try the E-bike Island Adventures

Oistins also offer E-bike Island Adventures around town. You can explore the terrains of Barbados using their pedal-assisted mountain bikes. This experience is recommendable for bike enthusiasts and biker tourists.

  • Learn Surfing from Bodie’s School of Surf  

Enjoying the beaches is great, but nothing beats experiencing these beaches with their waves. You can learn how to surf from Bodies School of Surg located at Maxwell Main Road, Oistins.

Aside from selling surf essentials, they also conduct water sports lessons. This ranges from surfing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Bodie’s School of Surf is a must for adventurous tourists who want to feel the Caribbean waves in Oistins.

There are many things that tourists can do when they visit Oistins. Tourists experience a unique Caribbean vacation vibe that other Barbados spots cannot offer. You can choose from its Garden Bay and seafood meals to its nightlife and adventures. You get to enjoy life together with the locals while relaxing to the sounds of the waves and seeing the crystal clear waters of the town.