What Is Holetown Like (and Where in Barbados Is the City Located)?

The best description ever given to Holetown is the “perfect mix of history with modern-day living.” Moreover, it is inarguably bursting with alluring white-sand beaches, exquisite cuisine, and thrilling shopping centers. After all, Holetown is a place that provides you with serene spots and sensational adventures.
What Is Holetown Like?
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Holetown is a west coast city of Barbados, known as the “Platinum Coast” of the island. It is specifically part of Saint James near the cities of Maturin, Cumana, Ciudad Guayana, and Barcelona.

What Country Is Holetown in?

You can identify Holetown as a city of Barbados, North America. It is a country known for its tropical beaches with aquamarine waters and soft sands.

Which Part of Barbados Is Holetown?

You can locate Holetown on the west side of Barbados, Area code 246. It is a 32-minute drive from Grantley Adams International Airport.

Is Holetown on the West Coast?

Yes, Holetown can be found on the west coast of Barbados. This part of the country is often claimed as anyone’s ideal Caribbean vacation for families and couples.

Which Parish Is Holetown in Barbados?

Holetown belongs to the parish of Saint James. It is a parish surrounded by luxurious resorts and the finest restaurants.

What Was Holetown Original Name?

It was originally named after King James 1, so it was called “Jamestown.” History shows that Captain John Powell settled there and claimed it for England in 1627. The place was under English territory until 1966.

How Did Holetown Get Its Name?

Two years later, it was changed into “Holetown” as a tribute to “The Hole,” a little body of water functioning for safe landing and ship cleaning. This is because of its popularity when more settlers arrived and benefited from its inlet from the sea.

Is Holetown Safe?

The place can assure you 100% safety because there are a lot of establishments and the Bajans are very hospitable. In addition, many travelers, specifically solo travelers, have given positive feedback on its safety even at night.

Nevertheless, you should act as if you are just home, and take note of the emergency hotlines below.

  • +1 246-419 1713 (Police Station)
  • +1 246-419-4911 (Sandy Crest Medical Centre)
  • 535-7847 (St. James Fire Station)

Always check in the airport and at your accommodation for any updated emergency contact information.

Is Holetown Expensive?

Traveling to Holetown, Barbados could be costly as your estimated expenses would be $2,300 as a solo traveler, $4,000 with a partner, and $7,500 with three other persons for seven days. However, it would still depend on how extravagant you want your vacation to be.

As for the individual airfare, economy flights range from $600 to $1,000, while first-class flights range from $2,000 to $3,500. Hotel accommodations prices can start from $65 to $1000 per night. Of course, there would be activities that will require a maximum of $165 per person, already including transportation and food for the day.

What Is Holetown Known for?

Holetown can be your safe haven as it presents impressive shopping and restaurants, perfectly clear and calming beaches, and a fresh atmosphere.

You may shop some classic and memorable goods at Limegrove Lifestyle Center, Best of Barbados Gift Shop, and Diamonds International Barbados. Among the beaches you shall add to your list are Sandy Lane Beach and Paynes Bay beach.

What Is Holetown Festival?

It is the festival celebrated week-long every mid-February, which highlights its people’s arts and crafts, including Barbadian culture and history. You can witness historical lectures, beauty contests, and street parades with a tuk band.

Why Is Holetown Festival Celebrated?

It is the commemoration of the time Barbados officially became a British Colony and landed originally. The first English settlers of Holetown, Barbados had arrived last February 17, 1627. Annually, they ensure that activities balance old and new, the indigenous and the Western.

What to Do in Holetown

With its wonderful beaches, the best way to enjoy Holetown is to do the following water activities:

  • Folkestone Coral Reef Kayak Tour
  • Inflatable Toy Rides
  • Barbados Catamaran Snorkeling Cruise
  • Harrison’s Cave Tours
  • Small-group Lunch Cruise with Snorkeling & Open Bar

Where to Stay in Holetown

Among the five top-rated accommodations you may stay in are enumerated below, along with relevant information you might need. They will all give you a different yet safe experience in Holetown.

  • All Seasons Resort

It is a three-star hotel resort located at the platinum west, 1,000 feet from Sunset Crest Beach. It features simple air-conditioned apartments with fully equipped kitchenettes. In addition, you are free to enjoy its outdoor swimming pool and extensive gardens.

  • Flamboyant Beach House

Situated at 26 Flamboyant Avenue, this self-catered holiday home is a cozy one-room with a sea view and garden view. Other than the complete facilities of the room, it has its patio and private pool for you to relax.

  • The Sandpiper

This award-winning five-star luxury boutique hotel in Folkestone is family-run with a stunning beachside setting you will like. It has 48 rooms with water sports facilities and an outdoor swimming pool.

  • Half Century

It is a sophisticated luxury villa of Sugar Hill that plays along with neutral tones and coral stone finishes on its interior. You will indeed feel you are on a vacation with its spacious bedroom suites, pool deck, and comfortable accommodation.

  • The Club Barbados

If you and your loved ones are 16 years of age and above, you can book this elite island resort on the West Coast. It provides:

      • Warm hospitality.
      • Spa & Salon.
      • Three freshwater pools and water activities.
      • All-inclusive dining and drinks.

Where to Eat in Holetown

There are a lot of places to eat at Holetown, and below are the five restaurants you should try. To make it easier to choose according to your preferences, further details about each place are provided too.

  • Flindt Patisserie and Bistro

You may find this chic boutique eatery on the West Coast at First Street. It is a place to please your sweet tooth with varieties of sweet and savory canapes, as well as ready-to-serve meals. If you are having an event by any chance, you can avail of their catering services too.

  • Nishi Restaurant

It is also on the Second Street of Holetown, yet it is often ranked first in online ratings. It is a gastropub bistro that serves sushi as its specialty. Do not worry if you are not a sushi lover because it also offers delicious Asian and Caribbean cuisine.

  • Just Grillin

It can easily be seen at Highway 1 – Sunset Crest with its casual red and black colors. At reasonable prices, you can satisfy yourself with good-tasting grilled food. People always come back for its savory meat and original sauces.

  • Cafe Bar Carizma

You can find it at 12 Chattel Village, giving you a relaxing dining experience with its tropical gardens. Expect a lot of choices for coffees, smoothies, pastries, and main courses. It represents Caribbean cuisine very well and has a special Taco Tuesday for its customers.

  • Relish Epicurea

It is located in Limegrove Lifestyle Center with a chic, comfortable, and cozy ambiance. You may like how it incorporates island-inspired ingredients with healthy world flavors. Behind its unique, creative, and unexpected dishes is the homegrown yet internationally acclaimed chef, Michael Hinds.