What Is the Nicest Part of Barbados to Stay (and Is Staying on All-Inclusive Resorts Worth It)?

Although Barbados is a 20-mile island, smaller than other islands in the Caribbean, it has the best and most popular beaches and resorts worldwide. Each coast and region of the island has its unique characteristics. The nicest part of Barbados where you can stay is in the west part. You can find here the famous beaches, luxurious hotels and may even spot celebrities!
What Is the Nicest Part of Barbados to Stay
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There are also all-inclusive resorts in Barbados, and it is worth it for you can know how much you will spend beforehand. Also, you can experience a wide range of facilities and activities in an all-inclusive resort.

What Is the Best Part of Barbados to Stay in?

The best part of Barbados depends on what you prefer to do while staying on the island. Each part of Barbados has its characteristics. If you prefer a low-key getaway, the northern part is ideal for you. But, if you want a lively summer beach vacation, the best part of Barbados to experience is southern. You can find here some of the best beaches on the island and a nightlife experience. For an active vacation on the beach with historical tours to museums and duty-free shopping, you can try the western part. And last, the eastern part has a rustic coast that is perfect for surfing!

Which Side of Barbados Is the Best?

You can have the best stay on the west side of Barbados. This is because the west side has famous beaches and resorts on the island.

Which Coast Is Best to Stay on in Barbados?

It is best to stay on the west coast of Barbados. This coast is best for its beaches that are perfect for vacation, and the south coast is the home of the top-rated beaches in Barbados, such as Sandy Lane.

What Is the West Coast of Barbados Like?

The West Coast of Barbados is known as the “Platinum Coast” in Barbados. As it faces the Caribbean Sea, the west coast has the softest and longest beaches on the island. It is more secluded than other coasts in Barbados. Some of the famous beaches you can find on the west coast are Sandy Lane Beach, Mullins Beach, and Paynes Bay.

West Coast is almost fully developed. You can also find known hotels and resorts such as Fairmont Royal Pavilion, The Sandpiper, Accra Beach Hotel, and Spa.

What Area of Barbados Is Best to Stay?

Barbados, which is best for you to stay in, is in the St. Lawrence Gap Area. It is the entertainment center of Barbados, as bars and restaurants are mainly in this area. St. Lawrence Gap is in the southern part of Barbados, so you can still have a magnificent view of the island’s beaches.

It is the best area to stay, especially if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Barbados.

What Is the Best Town to Stay in Barbados?

The best town to stay in in Barbados is Bridgetown. It is the capital city of the island and also the biggest city. If you are traveling on a budget to Barbados, it would be best for you to stay in Bridgetown.

This town highlights the rich history of Barbados. While staying here, you can do cultural tours of museums and landmarks, shopping, water activities, and many more!

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Barbados?

As one of the best islands in the Caribbean with its pristine beaches perfect for a summer getaway, Barbados is a famous island for most celebrities. Most of them stayed on the Platinum Coast of Barbados, the West Coast, for its best beaches and luxurious accommodations.

Some celebrities that visited the island stayed on Sandy Lane. The list includes The Beckhams, Hugh Grant, Claudia Schiffer, Mariah Carey, and Simon Cowell.

What Celebrities Have Homes in Barbados?

Rihanna, a famous Barbadian singer, and actress owns a $21.8 million mansion in a luxury resort in Paynes Bay. It is a 10,000 square foot condo part of One Sandy Lane on the west coast. She was born in Barbados and grew up in Bridgetown.

What Resorts Are There in Barbados?

There are plenty of resorts where you can stay in Barbados upon arrival or even after a whole day of going around the island. Here are some alternatives you can choose from in your vacation:

  • The House by Elegant Hotels, Cobblers Cave, Sugar Bay Barbados, Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels, Sandals Barbados
  • Sandals Royal Barbados, The Sandpiper, Little Arches Boutique Hotel, Hilton Barbados Resort
  • Saint Peter’s Bay, Hilton Barbados Resort, Ocean Two Resort & Residences by Ocean Hotels, Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados
  • The Crane Resort, Fairmont Royal Pavilion, Waves Hotel & Spa by Elegant Hotels, Barbados Beach Club All-Inclusive Resort

Is There a Riu in Barbados?

Unfortunately, there is no Riu in Barbados. However, you can find it on other islands in the Caribbean, like Aruba, Jamaica, and Punta Cana.

RIU Hotels and Resorts is an international and well-known resort chain around the world.

Which Is the Best Resort in Barbados?

Sandy Lane is the best resort in Barbados. It is a luxurious hotel and resort with 113 spacious rooms and suites and restaurants, bars, and a 47,000 square-foot spa. Aside from that, it has a golf course that is exclusive only for its guests.

It has hosted celebrities who visited Barbados, including Bill Gates, David Beckham, and Queen Elizabeth.

Does Barbados Have All-Inclusive Resorts?

Barbados has all-inclusive resorts. You can find these resorts all over the island, which offer accommodations, food and drinks, and even activities. Barbados has many options with all-inclusive resorts that you can choose from when planning to stay on the island.

You may spend B$230 ($110) – B$2600 ($1200) on all-inclusive resorts in Barbados.

What Does All-Inclusive Mean in Barbados?

In Barbados, all-inclusive means that all the essential things you need during your vacation are already included with the booking price, including food and drinks. With your accommodation, you may expect to experience the facilities and activities offered by the resort. This access won’t require you to pay an additional fee.

Barbados has a variety of all-inclusive resorts that offer different facilities, entertainment, and facilities. If you plan to stay in one, make sure that it is the best choice for you, so know the inclusions ahead of time, especially if you stay on a budget. Also, if you have kids with you on your vacation, confirming ahead of time if they offer kid-friendly foods and activities is recommended.

Is It Worth Going To All-Inclusive in Barbados?

It is worth going all-inclusive in Barbados, especially if you are traveling on a specific budget. Since you will know how much you will spend upfront, you can maximize your budget with all the inclusions that all-inclusive hotels and resorts offer.

Some benefits of all-inclusive resorts are: you will know how much to pay beforehand which lessens the thinking about your money while on vacation; you can avoid additional tipping as food and drinks are already paid; most of all-inclusive are family-friendly so you can enjoy with your family, and all-inclusive offers a wide range of entertainment and activities which you can do while you are on your vacation.

Where to Stay in Barbados for All-Inclusive?

All-inclusive resorts can be found all over the island. If you wish to stay on an all-inclusive with foods, drinks, entertainment, and activities offered, here are some all-inclusive resorts you can choose from in Barbados:

  • Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotel, The Club, Barbados Resort & Spa, Tamarind by Elegant Hotels
  • The Soco Hotel, Sandals Royal Barbados, Waves Hotel & Spa by Elegant Hotels, Sugar Bay Barbados
  • Mango Bay Hotel, Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels, Sea Breeze Beach House by Ocean Hotels

Is Sandy Lane Barbados All Inclusive?

Sandy Lane Barbados is not all-inclusive. Sandy Lane is a high-end hotel and luxurious resort. It has swimming pools, kid’s clubs, restaurants, gyms, saunas, spas, tennis courts, and even a golf course.

In St. James in Barbados, a room at Sandy Lane costs approximately $2000 on a high season and $1300 on a low season. It is higher compared to any other hotel in the Caribbean.

Are There Two Sandals in Barbados?

There are two Sandals in Barbados – the Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados. Both of them cover a magnificent view of Barbados’ waters.

What Is the Difference Between Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados?

Although both are in St. Lawrence Gap and on the private stretch of stunning Dover Beach, Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados have their differences.

As to the number of rooms, Sandals Barbados has 280 rooms while Sandals Royal Barbados has 222 suites. And since the latter is newer, they updated most of its facilities and have more contemporary accommodation. Sandals Barbados, a couple-exclusive resort, has European pools and banquet rooms for meetings. It also has a beachfront village that gives a magnificent view of the beach and offers a variety of cuisines. It has a more nightlife vibe.

Meanwhile, Sandals Royal Barbados, an all-inclusive resort, has its rooftop where you can find its pool, bar, and restaurant all at the same time. It is the first in Barbados, and the same goes for its bowling alley and donut shop. If you want a more sophisticated and laid-back atmosphere, this resort suits you!

Which Sandals in Barbados Are Newer?

Sandals Royal Barbados is newer than the two Sandals in Barbados since it opened in December 2017 with its 14-acre 222 suites. Sandals Barbados opened in January 2015 with its 280 rooms.

What Coast Is Sandals Barbados on?

Sandals Barbados is on the south coast of Barbados. This resort is on the stretch of Dover Beach in St. Lawrence Gap. Sandals Barbados is also quite near Barbados’ airport, Grantley International Airport.

Is Sandals Barbados on the West Coast?

Sandals Barbados is not on the west coast. It is on the south coast of Barbados, directly across from Dover Beach’s long, silky white sands.

Which Parish Is Sandals Barbados in?

Sandals Barbados is in Christ Church Parish. It is one of the largest parishes in Barbados.

Christ Church Parish was built in 1935. However, it was destroyed four times by flood, hurricane, and fire. The fifth and present constructed building shows three of the burnt church’s walls and its western tower.

How Close Are the Two Sandals Resorts in Barbados?

Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados are about 20 meters away from each other. You can walk to get to the other resort.

Also, the two sandals have shared amenities, so if you are staying on Sandals Barbados, you can enjoy some activities in Sandals Royal and vice versa. Some of these shared amenities are the bowling alley, rooftop pool, and bar.

Can You Walk From Sandals Barbados to Sandals Royal Barbados?

You can walk from Sandals Barbados to Sandals Royal Barbados. The two sandals resort is close to each other by about 20 meters.

Is Sandals Royal Barbados a Private Beach?

Sandals Royal Barbados is not a private beach. It is a luxury resort set on the stretch of private Dover Beach in St. Lawrence Gap.

Is Sandals Barbados For Couples Only?

Sandals Barbados is for couples only. With a relaxing and romantic vacation, only couples are allowed to stay in Barbados. You and your loved one can try different activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, playing tennis, and having a massage. Or you can simply relax and eat fresh seafood and drink rum punches.

If you are going alone, with your family or friends, you can try other beach resorts the island has.

Which Sandals Resort in Barbados Is the Best?

The best Sandals Resorts depends on what you prefer to experience and enjoy while in Barbados. Sandals Barbados has a more nightlife vibe, while Sandals Royal Barbados has a more sophisticated atmosphere. You can choose which Sandals Resorts is for you, but the two Sandals have shared amenities. So, you can still experience the other if you choose between the two!