Is Barbados a Safe Island to Visit for Tourists (What to Avoid)?

Like any other island in the Caribbean, Barbados is pretty safe to visit. The island is recognized as having top-tier hospitality and is known to be very welcoming to its visitors. In Barbados, you can relax and adore its picture-perfect scenery without stressing much about your safety during your stay. If you stay sensible, you should be fine.
Is Barbados a Safe Island to Visit for Tourists?
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For your peace of mind, there are many things you should take note of and try to avoid during your vacation in Barbados. Discrimination of color, gender, and race is not common in Barbados. But they have specific laws that don’t promote homosexuality.

You should also pay extra attention to the smallest details (such as clothing) as it may violate one of their rules. You will know all the dos and don’ts throughout this read.

Is It Safe to Vacation in Barbados?

It’s safe to say that Barbados is safe. According to the U.S. Department of State, the island is safe for travelers, even with family or alone.

However, it doesn’t mean that there are no minor, petty crimes in Barbados. Like any place in the world, there are still unexpected dangers to tourists and travelers. Taking extra precautions won’t hurt. Following your instincts in maintaining your safety would be a great help.

How Safe Is Barbados for Tourists?

“The Gem of The Caribbean” won’t be the title of Barbados if they have bad tourist service. Among its Caribbean neighbors, Barbados has a lower violence rate.

Barbadian police are always near tourist areas, so whenever you are in trouble, they’re one call away—just press 211 to call. Always ask for the updated contact details upon arrival.

Is Barbados Safe for American Tourists?

Based on seasoned American tourists who keep coming back to Barbados, the island is pretty safe and a great place to have fun. Some tourists from America who had come to Barbados before have given good feedback about their visit.

The travel advisory posted by the U.S. Department of State says American travelers are not prone to violence in Barbados. They advised vacationers to be alert at all times since there are still petty crimes and crimes of opportunity that may happen. Also, be vigilant, especially when walking alone at night in crowded places.

Is Barbados Safe for Families?

Barbados is one of the best destinations for family trips. Barbados has become a go-to destination for families with alluring tropical beaches, rich culture, and good food.

Parents won’t be stressing too much about their kids’ safety while doing fun activities on the island since the island is guaranteed safe. There are plenty of places in Barbados that are suitable for families. Making unforgettable memories with loved ones is very doable in Barbados.

Is Barbados Safe for Family Holidays?

Family holidays are extra fun if celebrated in Barbados. With good tourist spots and a safe environment, Barbados never disappoints.

Of course, there are still places that are probably not good to visit. Just take precautions when wandering in uncrowded places. Other than that, leave your worries at your door and get the most out of the Gem of the Caribbean.

Can You Go to Barbados When Pregnant?

If you have a healthy pregnancy and are not past 36 weeks pregnant, you can travel to Barbados. But before making a decision, it is advised to consult with your doctor or ob-gyne to be sure. Your doctor can help you decide whether it’s safe to go to Barbados, where Zika virus has been reported.

You don’t have to worry a lot because the last report of the mosquito-carried virus infection, Zika, has been years ago (2016). Besides health safety concerns, there are no more reasons not to travel to Barbados.

Is Barbados Safe to Travel Alone?

Traveling alone in Barbados is not a worry. Barbados is one of the islands in the Caribbean that is considered a solo travelers’ favorite. Not only is it safe there, but Barbados is also home to paradisal beaches and fantastic cuisine.

A peaceful island getaway will allow you to have more time for yourself. You can try learning heavy water sports activities or watch the beautiful scenery of Barbados while reading books. Do whatever makes you happy. Just don’t forget to be cautious.

Is Barbados Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

With more or less one million tourists visiting Barbados yearly, the island has been a choice of many single female travelers, too. If you asked female travelers who have come to Barbados alone, they would say it’s safe there.

As you would in any foreign place, take extra precautions. It is advised to be extra careful when walking alone downtown at night because you might get unwanted attention.

Is It Safe to Leave a Resort in Barbados?

Yes. It is safe to leave your resort occasionally to explore the island. However, it may be best to stay near the resort zone to avoid getting lost. Some Barbados resorts give you tours of different spots on the island, and it’s more convenient and safer.

What Is the Safest Part of Barbados?

The term “safest part” can give you a false sense of security. It is better if you be extra vigilant in places flagged by the US Department of State, i.e. Bridgetown. There is no target on the backs of U.S. travelers, nevertheless, exercise added vigilance and common sense. Apply these principles in night parties, the downtown area, and outside tourist spots.

Is There Zika in Barbados?

There have been no new reported Zika virus infections in Barbados. The World Health Organization (WHO) also declared that Barbados has been free from active transmission of the Zika virus since 2016.

The last reported case of this virus transmitted by mosquitoes was years ago (2016), and there have been no records ever since. If you’re planning to go to Barbados, you don’t need to worry.

How Bad Is Zika Virus in Barbados?

There was an outbreak of the Zika virus from 2015 to 2016, and there were 147 individuals affected. However, no Zika-related deaths have been reported from that outbreak.

Is There Much Crime in Barbados?

Crimes in Barbados rarely occur all over the country but, rather, in certain areas only. According to the U.S. embassy in Bridgetown, the country’s capital is considered a high threat to overall crime.

There are no classifications in other areas in Barbados, but there were fewer reports of crime. The typical crime in Bridgetown is gang-related violence among locals. Visitors to the island are not touched, so you don’t need to worry if you’re visiting the island.

The U.S. Department of State has issued level 1 that requires only standard precautions. Travelers are not the usual target of crimes but are aware of petty street crimes, especially at night in the capital.

How Bad Is Crime in Barbados?

The crime rate in Barbados is at a moderate level. The country’s rising tourism has urged the government of Barbados to tighten security so that visitors feel secure.

There are still street scams, so you should be alert at all times. There are uniformed personnel nearby tourist areas, so you should worry less.

What Is the Most Dangerous Part of Barbados?

No matter how safe Barbados is, there are still a few places you should consider not going. These places are unsafe areas for tourists and travelers.

According to the U.S. embassy’s travel advisory, there are three places in Barbados that you should avoid. Crab Hill, Nelson Street in Bridgetown, Wellington Street in Bridgetown have a high risk of violence. These are the areas that you should avoid at all costs and, if possible, don’t go to these places.

Is Barbados Dangerous in Any Way?

Barbados is not dangerous. The safety concerns with natural disasters are considerably “dangerous” in Barbados. But don’t worry because it happens rarely. The island is no stranger to flooding, soil erosion, landslide, and rain, but you won’t experience it on a day-to-day basis.

Hurricanes can also be dangerous as they usually hit Barbados from July to October. It is better to go before or beyond this time frame. It is also okay to visit the island anytime, as long as there are no forecasts of storms or hurricanes. Also, Barbados has a medium hazard classification on earthquakes and tsunamis.

How Dangerous Is Barbados for Tourists?

Barbados has medium environmental hazards and a low risk of crime affecting tourists. If you don’t plan your Barbados getaway properly, you could get in danger anyway.

Aside from the dangers caused by natural calamities and human violence, there is also danger from ignorance. Barbados’ laws differ from your country’s laws, so it’s better to know what to do.

What Should I Be Careful of in Barbados?

It would be best to be extra careful when visiting isolated places in Barbados, especially during the night. Barbados also requires visitors to exercise standard safety practices, like any place in the world. In the capital area, where there are flocks of people, you should be mindful of scams and other crimes of opportunity.

Even if the island is considered safe, there are things you should take extra care of to ensure a pleasant stay. In riding public vehicles, you should properly take care of your belongings to avoid theft and loss. If you are hopping on a taxi, it’s okay to have a friendly conversation with the driver but be careful not to give too much information. Also, in your resort, make sure to lock the doors for security.

What Not to Do in Barbados

You should know the dos and don’ts in traveling to Barbados to make your trip trouble-free and fun. Below is a list of things that you should avoid doing in Barbados.

  • Wearing Camouflage print clothes are illegal in Barbados, so you should not wear them. Bags, hats, shoes, or any belonging with camouflage print should be left at home because it’s also banned.
  • Avoid showing off expensive jewelry as it may attract snatchers.
  • If you are detected with firearms and drugs, you will be arrested in Barbados.
  • Please stay away from Manchineel fruits and trees as they contain poison. You can identify them since there are signages displayed around.
  • Public nudity is not allowed. So when sunbathing, don’t go fully topless.
  • If you have low alcohol tolerance, it’s better not to drink the Rum Punch.
  • Always remember that driving in Barbados is on the left side.

Barbados is safe with various ethnic races, and there have not been many reports about attacks related to color and race hate.

However, if you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, you should be mindful. Since Barbados is a conservative country, they have laws that do not promote homosexuality. It is not recommended to go out in the streets showing bisexuality and observable same-sex acts.