Is Yelapa Worth Visiting (and How Do I Get There)?

Yelapa’s small, quaint town charms make it an intriguing place to explore and revel in. While its growing fame might give it an elevated status in tourism sometime in the future, even now, Yelapa is definitely worth visiting.
Is Yelapa Worth Visiting
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It’s still relatively quiet and laid-back, Yelapa’s unique charms are slowly drawing attention to its lovely beaches and relaxed town life. With many people talking about this sleepy town, it’s no surprise Yelapa will come to be a not-so-secret Mexican getaway.

What Does Yelapa Mean?

Yelapa’s name was derived from a Purepecha word meaning “where two rivers meet”. This quaint fishing village tucked at the southern end of the Banderas Bay, has enchanting beauty and a unique small community of less than around 1,500 residents and is only growing, thanks to its slow rise to fame.

This small charming town still has its inhabitants living in it after many generations, even the four founding families still have descendants here. Visiting and experiencing the magic of Yelapa is recommended if you’re in Puerto Vallarta.

Is Yelapa Safe to Visit?

With a significantly smaller population than Puerto Vallarta, Yelapa doesn’t enjoy the same security major cities, and other towns have. But this doesn’t make Yelapa dangerous, according to visitors, Yelapa is a relatively safe small town, with friendly locals and a warm atmosphere apart from the sunny weather.

How Do I Get to Yelapa?

Yelapa can easily be accessed if you come from the north of the town. Puerto Vallarta is probably the most popular point of origin to get to Yelapa. From the port city, the best option is to take a water taxi from Playa Los Muertos, one of Puerto Vallarta’s best beaches.

Taking a water taxi from Playa Los Muertos can be fun and packed you can opt for the taxi to make stops on the beaches going to Yelapa, like Mismaloya, Boca de Tomatlan, Playa Escondida, and many more.

Can You Drive to Yelapa?

Although you can drive to Yelapa from Puerto Vallarta, it can take up to almost 3 hours. You can’t really drive along the coast to Yelapa, as the safest and common route to get there takes you inland.

You take the west route, 44 km south of Puerto Vallarta, through El Tuito, then through the small town of Las Guamas, until you reach Chacala. At the west end of Chacala is a sign of “Yelapa”, from there the road gets dangerous.

How Do I Get From Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa?

From Puerto Vallarta, you take a water taxi or a ferry. Water taxis and ferries can be taken in Playa Los Muertos south of central Puerto Vallarta.

If you’re staying in the main area of the city, take a bus from there going to Playa Los Muertos, and board a ferry or a water taxi getting to Yelapa, ticket prices usually cost around 100 Mexican pesos to 5 US dollars.

How Long is the Water Taxi From Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa?

With a distance of 27 km or 16.7 miles, getting to Yelapa from Puerto Vallarta via water taxi usually takes an hour, not counting the buses you have to take if you’re staying at any point in Puerto Vallarta.

How Much is Water Taxi to Yelapa?

A round trip ticket from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa can cost around 280 pesos and above, and around 100 to 150 pesos one way. While a ferry typically costs around 100 pesos one way.

Can You Drive to Yelapa From Puerto Vallarta?

You can drive from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa however, the road can be dangerous as it gets rocky and perilous beyond Chacala. While you can drive using off-raid vehicles, and other types of vehicles, it isn’t the common mode of transportation and for certain reasons.