10 Important Facts About Puerto Vallarta You Should Know (Before Going)

From its history, natural wonders, and unique appeal, there is still so much to know and love about this popular port town. Puerto Vallarta has cemented its name among the best of Mexico, with its richness, both in nature and culture, it is undoubtedly visit-worthy.
10 Important Facts About Puerto Vallarta You Should Know
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With its unique appeal and an abundance of quirky curiosities, Puerto Vallarta has attracted masses of visitors from the famous to the seasoned traveler. With so many reasons and trivia still to wonder upon, Puerto Vallarta ranks at the top indeed.

What Does Puerto Vallarta Mean?

Puerto Vallarta means “Vallarta Port” in Spanish. The city is one of Mexico’s many popular cruise ship ports. It was named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of the Jalisco state in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is found at the western coasts of Jalisco at the heart of the Banderas Bay.

How Did Puerto Vallarta Get Its Name?

According to history, Former Governor Ignacio Vallarta has been a key figure in the state because of his admirable political endeavors and respect for the people. The city changed its name from Las Peñas or “the rocks”, to Puerto Vallarta, in honor of the former governor in 1918.

What Side of Mexico is Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is situated on the western side of Mexico, facing the Eastern Pacific. Nestled at the heart of Banderas Bay, the city lies at the foot of the Sierras Cuale and San Sebastian. The c-shape of the bay and mountains that surround the city acts as its shield from hurricanes, making Puerto Vallarta a safe place for vacations.

Is Puerto Vallarta in Baja California?

Vallarta is located further south, off the Land End’s coast of Baja California Sur. The port city lies on the western coasts of the state of Jalisco in central Mexico.

How Tall Are the Mountains in Puerto Vallarta?

The mountains on Puerto Vallarta’s backyard stand high as 6,000 feet or 1,828 meters. The scenic Sierra Madre mountains provide the beautiful backdrop of Puerto Vallarta. These mountains do not only shield Puerto Vallarta from hurricanes, it is also worth exploring.

Is Puerto Vallarta Jungle?

Charming and quirky Puerto Vallarta is many things, a port city, a beach town, a river flowing out to sea, and a jungle. At the outskirts of the populated areas of the city are vast jungles at the foot of the mountains.

Inhabited by over 350 species of birds, and countless other animals like the nine-banded armadillo, badger, the white-nosed coati. Many larger animals include jaguars, ocelots, jaguarondis, and margays.

What Language Do They Speak in Puerto Vallarta?

Locals speak Mexican Spanish, and workers in the tourism industry speak English as well. When visiting, it’s important to brush up on some Spanish to make your trip easier and more interactive with the locals. Speaking in Spanish might just give you fun and interesting experiences.

Do They Speak English in Puerto Vallarta?

Locals mostly speak Spanish but they will go out of their way to speak in English, as Puerto Vallarta is one of the most friendly cities in Mexico. However, workers in the tourism sector can speak English.

Is Puerto Vallarta on Central Time?

Puerto Vallarta is on Central Time with clock changes on certain dates throughout the year. Although changes may not occur at the same time as the previous year.

Are There Daylight Savings in Puerto Vallarta?

There is Daylight Savings in Puerto Vallarta. Daylight Savings time in Puerto Vallarta lasts from 2 am on the first Sunday of April up to the last Sunday of October unlike in the US or Canada.

What is the Voltage in Puerto Vallarta?

Mexico operates a 120-volt 60Hz current, the same as the US. Puerto Vallarta and Mexico use the types A and B plug outlets, the same types used in the US and Canada.

Can I Use My Cell Phone in Puerto Vallarta?

If you have a multiband phone, and your service provider uses the world-standard GSM network you have better chances of being able to use your phone abroad. However, roaming fees can be steep.

If you only want to make local calls, it’s best to just buy a new local sim card and a prepaid service plan in Mexico. However, make sure that your provider has unlocked your phone for you to use a new sim card.

What Should I Pack for a Week in Puerto Vallarta?

It’s best to consider which season you’re planning to go to Puerto Vallarta. Colder seasons will have colder nights, and the summer season will have searing day temperatures and wet evenings. Think in terms of necessity when it comes to weather, temperature, and the activities you’re planning to do.

For the rainy season, make sure you pack bug sprays or mosquito repellents. Pack thin clothes for the summer, and long-sleeved tops, and pants for the colder season of January onwards.

It’s also recommended to bring enough Mexican pesos on hand when in transit to your hotel in Puerto Vallarta. Paying Mexican pesos are better as using US Dollars will have you at a disadvantage because of bad exchange rates from some establishments.

What Should I Pack for an All-Inclusive Resort in Puerto Vallarta?

Make sure to bring the necessities like toiletries and sunscreen, while soaps and lotions might be provided, it’s always better to bring the products you use and trust. It’s best to put them on a carry-on as luggage delays might randomly occur.

Swimsuits are obviously a must. If you plan to stay out in the water, under the sun for too long, make sure you packed a rash guard. Rash guards can be purchased in hotel shops but they tend to be pricier.

Activewear is also an important part of your must-pack list. If you’re planning to do an excursion or a tour, it’s best to experience it in your own comfort. Make sure to pack some comfortable shoes, active shorts, and breathable tank tops or t-shirts.

What Should I Wear in Puerto Vallarta?

For beach lounging, pack your favorite swimsuits, bikinis for women, and board shorts or trunks for men, together with a good cover-up in case you don’t want to get too red. Plus, if you want to grab a quick grub at the restaurant, you have something to cover up.

For women, whether for a fancy dinner or a stroll around the city during the day, a beach dress is a to-go option. Skirts and cute tops are good options as well. For men, button-downs will look cool and chic, especially for dinners. T-shirts and tank tops are suitable for day strolls.

Make sure to check out the season or weather forecast on the time you’re going to Puerto Vallarta, you’re deciding factor on what to pack and wear will depend on that.