Aruba vs. The Rest of the Caribbean (Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, Antigua, and Belize)

Aruba’s reputation and tourist draws might be challenged by the plethora of other beautiful Caribbean islands out there, as you might know, the Caribbean is a vacation destination hotbed. But while Aruba does have its pros and cons, you can see just how this island sets itself apart.
Aruba vs. The Rest of Caribbean
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From its Caribbean neighbors of Jamaica, Bahamas, Antigua, and even its Dutch Caribbean sisters, Aruba can be set apart, and even overlooked, but contrasting it from others reveals just how quirky this tiny island is.

Is Aruba Part of Jamaica?

Jamaica is an independent island country located in the far northeast of Aruba. Aruba, on the other hand, is considered an island nation with only a certain level of autonomy. The island nation is a constituent country within the Kingdom of Netherlands along with Sint Maarten and Curacao.

While both countries are apart and different in so many ways, both are famous pearls of the Caribbean Sea. Both have also been under the rule of European Colonial powers before their conception. However, Aruba is still within one.

We often associate the Caribbean when we hear the names Aruba and Jamaica. Flashes of awe-inspiring beaches easily come to mind, festive and warm people, good times, and great food, as well. This is why one can easily mistake the entire Caribbean as one big country of islands.

Is Aruba Close to Jamaica?

Aruba is approximately 1,001 km or 622 miles from Jamaica, northeast of Aruba, directly. You have to cross the widest stretch of the Caribbean Sea to get from one island to the other. You have one way of traveling in between the ABC Islands, and that is via plane.

How Long Is the Flight From Jamaica to Aruba?

The distance to get from Aruba to Jamaica and vice versa will take about 1 to 2 hours to fly, without transfers and other logistics getting to your accommodation on either island.

Is Aruba Better Than Jamaica?

While both islands have their draws and drawbacks, the two are different in so many ways and may make up entirely different experiences. It all goes down to what you want to experience in the Caribbean.

The two islands are beautiful destinations to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the Caribbean, but the key difference between the two is the atmosphere they provide. Aruba is said to be more laid back, with a pulsating nightlife and vibrant shopping scene, but its overall flavor is more family-friendly.

While Jamaica has a more rowdy, robust, and quirky party scene best reserved for solo travelers, friends, and young people. Jamaica in a way is more festive and colorful.

Both island nations have great beaches, good food, and warm and loving people, you will generally have a good experience on whichever island you choose. To choose between which is better robs you of the greater beauty of the Caribbean experience.

Is Aruba Part of the Bahamas?

Technically, Aruba isn’t a part of the Bahamas. The island nation’s geographic affiliates are around the Antilles, specifically the Lesser Antilles, and the Caribbean Sea, seated right at the southern end.

Aruba is situated in the southern Caribbean, right off the coast of northern South America. The Bahamas lies further north of the Caribbean, neighboring Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and the US.

Is Aruba Close to the Bahamas?

Aruba is far from the Bahamas, as the small island country lies at the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean. The Bahamas lies at the northern end of the Caribbean, along with Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Covering the entire southern to the northern stretch of the Caribbean Sea, Aruba is far from close to the Bahamas, geographically. You can only get from one island to another via plane from Oranjestad to Nassau, Bahamas’ capital, and vice versa.

How Far Is Aruba From Bahamas?

Aruba is approximately 1,590 km or 988 miles from the Bahamas, directly. Covering the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea from north to south, and vice versa, getting from one island to another will take about 1 to 2 hours of flying.

What Is Better – Aruba or Bahamas?

It could be tough to compare one Caribbean jewel to another because each island always offers different things for everyone whose curious enough to explore them. Aruba and Bahamas’ biggest draws have to be their beaches, but even those have differences.

Despite both being beautiful, beaches in Aruba have soft, white-sand beaches that always lure tourists in and one of the island’s famous beaches has been voted third best beach in the world. Beaches in Aruba can be calm and safe on one side of the island, while the other has relatively strangers waves best reserved for surfers.

The Bahamas, on the other hand, is comprised of 700 islands that each have their beaches. The thing about Bahaman beaches is that they are different from each other, there are beaches with calm, and safe waters, even pink sand beaches, and beaches perfect for surfing.

When it comes to safety, Aruba takes the crown. The small island used to suffer from bad publicity about public safety, but in recent years Aruba has been hailed as one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.

The Bahamas, although not ridden with crime, has ratings that tend to be lower than that of Aruba. The archipelago has a safety rating of  33.97 and a crime rating of 66.03, compared to Aruba’s 74.63, and 25.37 respectively.

Weather-wise, Aruba never experiences storms as its geographical location lies outside of the storm or hurricane belt in the Caribbean. The Bahamas is quite the opposite. The archipelago gets hit by hurricanes once every two years on average.

Is Bermuda or Aruba Better?

The Bermuda islands and Aruba all have the same thing that never fails to draw tourists in, and endless postcard images, and travel articles, and that is their immaculate beaches. The only difference is that Aruba is a single island, with only a handful of beaches, while Bermuda has 138 islands with more than enough beaches to get around.

Another thing to compare is the expenses – Bermuda is known to be more expensive than Aruba, which has its own staggering prices. Weather is one thing to consider as well, Aruba is famous for its hurricane-free location, while Bermuda has its fair share of hurricanes, the last one being Hurrican Paulette in 2020.

At the end of the day, no matter which angle you look, both islands are worth visiting – the settling factors will always be the kind of experience you want. Bermuda is perfect for exploring beaches, and several other places and enjoying more sceneries. Aruba, while it only has a handful of beaches, has a laid-back atmosphere, and fun evenings – it’s also cheaper.

Is Aruba or Barbados Better?

Perfect for sunbathing beach bums, both locations are sunny slices of paradise which has differences that might settle your score for which is better to visit. Aruba is made for enjoying the city, and the coasts at the same time. With a more laid-back atmosphere, fun evenings brimming with music, drinks, and gambling, Aruba has a unique flavor in the Caribbean.

Barbados has 60 miles worth of coastline, with better beaches, this island is famous for its festive people, cheaper expenses, and has more sceneries to explore. This larger island is known to have more of a “Caribbean flavor” than the latter.

Relatively, Aruba also has lesser people than Barbados, even though these two islands are touristy Caribbean jewels, Barbados can be packed. It may be scenic and big, but it tends to be more crowded and packed, not to mention a higher crime rate than Aruba. Aruba still takes the crown for the most chill island.

Is Aruba or Antigua Better?

Both these locales are big Caribbean destinations and therefore might have a thinner line between them when it comes to which is better. But, of course, at the end of the day, what you want to experience will decide which is which.

When visiting a travel destination, if natural scenery is your thing, you might want to go to Antigua. The country has more than just beaches to offer. Antigua is known to be more tropical and has far more diverse terrains than Aruba’s beaches and dry and arid deserts.

While Aruba can feel small, it’s more cosmopolitan and Americanized, despite its heavy Dutch influences. Antigua has a more rustic, and authentic feel to it – it almost feels remote. However, crime rates, and overall safety, still, nothing beats Aruba.

If you’re looking for fun, especially at night where swinging on bars and meeting people is more like a rite of passage for you in every destination, then Aruba is the best bet. Because Aruba is known for its great shopping scene, and lively nightlife.

Aruba is more well-developed than Antigua and is easier to get around and have fun in. While Antigua offers a more rustic vibe, with its natural sceneries and attractions at the forefront. Both countries throw big draws and punches, making it difficult to decide which is which.

The distinct and similar flavor that both destinations have presents criteria that will ultimately let you decide which is better, or even better, given the time and budget, you can visit both.

Which Is Better – Belize or Aruba?

If you’re looking for the ultimate sunny getaway, Belize or Aruba are ideal locations to enjoy but when you’re looking for more places to explore, experience Aruba might sit this one out. Belize doesn’t just offer beaches, and good experiences, it has a whole of things to offer.

One thing that settles the score is Belize’s natural beauty and culture. This little Central American nation boasts the Great Blue Hole, Mayan ruins, a plethora of beaches that can overwhelm Aruba. And the incredible mix of people groups that speak a creole-based language, English, and Spanish.

It can be expensive, but not as expensive as Aruba. The food is just as exotic, and the people are just as good and warm. However, the only difference is that Aruba prides itself on its safety – awarded as one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, Aruba is a no-brainer.

Belize, on the other hand, is famous for its gang-related crimes, and higher crime rates over the years. Although, crime does exist in Aruba but not to the same extent as Belize, especially in the infamous crimes in Belize City.