Eating, Drinking, and Shopping in Cabo (Day and Night)

Cabo, the vacation center of western Mexico has an abundance of things to do, food to eat, clubs to party, and places to see. From warm sunny days, and lively nights Cabo will never have a shortage of things to check out, making it a worthwhile place.
Eating, Drinking, and Shopping in Cabo
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With its plethora of restaurants, shopping centers, local produce and artisan crafts, bars, and clubs, it’s easy to get lost in the endless maze of fun and excitement Cabo has to offer. Just make sure you have enough money to spend, and baggage allowance to spare.

What is There to Do in Cabo at Night?

While known for its amazing natural wonders and celebrity sightings, Cabo also has a thriving nightlife rivaling that of Cancun’s. As plenty of bars and clubs dot Cabo San Lucas, you can never run out of things to do at night – from pub crawls, pool parties, to more laid-back soirees at the marina.

You can dance the night away at El Squid Roe, with its perfect blend of restaurant, bar, and live entertainment, drinks are flowing, as food keeps coming, and the music will have you dancing.

Cabo Wabo Cantina, in downtown Cabo San Lucas, founded by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, boasts the best live music with good food and drinks. It’s such a popular hotspot that Cabo Wabo has become sort of a Cabo rite of passage.

And a plethora of bars and clubs can be your go-to for that Cabo nightlife, from Nowhere Bar, Jungle Bar, Coco Bongo Los Cabos, and many more.

Resorts along Medano Beach, like Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa hosts the best pool parties with matching good drinks and sweeping ocean views. Smacked in front of the Pacific Ocean, Blue Marlin Ibiza also boasts the best all-day, all-night pool parties perfect for just lounging or a full-on dancing extravaganza.

Is Cabo Safe at Night?

Most travelers who have been to Cabo has always said that, in general, Cabo is safe at night. However, that is not a reason to be complacent. While tourists consider Cabo safe, it’s best to be vigilant and aware, especially if you walk around at night, coming straight out of a club or bar.

Cabo is safe, as it is one of Mexico’s prime destinations, safety and security will always be a priority. People can walk to their accommodations late at night from bars and clubs without feeling unsafe, some can even stroll around the beach without problems.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Cabo at Night?

It is generally safe to walk around at night, just make sure you’re fully-aware and vigilant, that means, visitors have said they never had problems walking around at night in Cabo, even if they just came straight from bars and clubs.

However, it’s best to stay up sober so that you can get to your accommodation safely, you might not have problems with strangers at night, but hazards on the streets might be a concern.

What Do You Wear in Cabo at Night?

Cabo might be sunny all-day, most days of the year, but sometimes temperatures can drop at night, especially during the winter months.

If you plan on all-out partying, a dress seems to be the go-to choice for women, not too short and not long either, just enough for dancing, and sitting on bar stools dancing. Men can go with a simple round neck shirt, or a full-on button-down, a pair of pants, denim, or dress pants, depending on how stylish you like to be.

It will all matter what fabric or material the piece you’re wearing is made of. Cotton, linen, and other thin fabrics are ideal for hotter nights, while thicker fabrics are ideal for colder winter nights.

How Should I Dress for Dinner in Cabo?

Casual is always the overarching theme for dinner dates wherever you go in Mexico.

Sundresses are best for lounging and chilling during the day, while soiree-perfect summer dresses at night are women’s go-to choices. For men, a classic linen or cotton button-down shirt, perfectly matched with neutral colored casual dress pants or dark denim jeans.

What Do You Wear to a Wedding in Cabo?

While the typical choice is the classic white motif ensemble, from smart-casual looks to the full-on island chic. It will always depend on the motif and theme of the wedding because weddings held in Cabo can vary from church, garden, or beach weddings.

Is Cabo a Party Place?

Cancun still takes the crown as Mexico’s biggest party-central, Cabo’s relatively smaller yet loud and lively party scene still takes western Mexico’s crown. Cabo prides itself with not only a plethora of famous clubs and bars but live music performances as well.

From the Cabo Wabo to the Mandala Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas boasts an equally good dance party scene blended with live music and performances. Cabo has a place among the list of Mexico’s must-visit for party animals

What is the Legal Drinking Age in Cabo?

Mexico, in general, has a legal drinking age of 18 years. Visitors, however, have said that they usually card people when buying or ordering drinks. It’s best to bring an ID or proof of birth if you plan to go out in Cabo.

How Much is a Drink in Cabo?

Average prices for drinks are about 2 to 18 US Dollars, from beers to Margaritas. However, prices depend on certain occasions like happy hours for beers, the kind of bar you go to, and the type of drink.

How Much Does a Beer Cost in Cabo?

A beer typically costs around 1.98 to 2.98 US Dollars, they can change prices, usually, a lot cheaper during happy hours. You might want to look up happy hour schedules on bars and restaurants when you’re in town.

Does Walmart in Cabo Sell Alcohol?

Walmart, generally, has the best alcohol prices. With a good selection, Walmart is considered an easy stop for visitors wanting to go buy straight from the grocery.

Can You Take Alcohol to Cabo?

You can take alcohol to Cabo, however, there are many things you have to consider first. You can only take up to a maximum of 3 liters worth of alcohol in Mexico. And make sure you have them checked first so that you won’t have any problems with customs.

It’s best to pack them in your hand-carry baggage, as they might get broken in by baggage transport. Also, if you are going to use all the 3-liter allowance, make sure that the hand-carry baggage doesn’t exceed the allowable weight.

Where Can I Buy Cigarettes in Cabo?

There are plenty of shops in Cabo where you can buy cigarettes in different varieties, from tobaccos to vape or e-cigarettes.

Cigar smokers will love Cubanos Shop for that exquisite Cuban cigar., located in San Jose Del Cabo. J&J for a wide selection of cigarettes, including some mezcal, mojitos, and tequila selections. For vapers, The Cloud House is the best bet.

Walmart and Costco in Cabo San Lucas also sell cigarettes from different brands, both Mexican and American. Giving smokers and enthusiasts a plethora of choices for a wide price range.

How Much Are Cigarettes in Cabo?

Most cigarettes, especially those with famous brands, usually cost around 2 to 4 US Dollars per pack. Depending on where you buy them, and their brand. A pack of the famous Marlboro typically costs 2.63 US Dollars or 53 Mexican Pesos.

What Food is Cabo Known for?

Many dishes are exquisitely cooked in Cabo, perhaps the most famous of them are the Mexican Chocolate Clam, Smoked Marlin, Guemes, and Fajados Chicken Tamale.

Mexican Chocolate Clams are roasted on the stone bed and covered with romerilla that adds a special flavor to them. As Marlin is a common species in the waters of Cabo, the locals have varieties of cooking it, but the most famous has to be the Ahumado or smoked –  enhancing the flavor of the meat.

Made from pork or chicken, olives, raisins, and olive oil, Guemes Tamales is a traditional dish in all of Baja Peninsula. The Fajados Tamale, made from chicken is the actual traditional food of Cabo San Lucas.

How Much is a Meal in Cabo?

The average cost of a full day of eating in Cabo can be around 15 US Dollars or 300 Mexican Pesos. However, price ranges can vary in different restaurants and other food places.

Is the Food Safe in Cabo?

Generally, the food in Cabo is safe. According to visitors, there are quite a few food-borne issues in Cabo. It’s best to get food from registered food places like restaurants, bars, and hotels. They’re highly likely to be registered with food health agencies.

Another thing to consider is eating in buffets, especially in hotels. Food that is served in buffets, without heating, may not be at the right temperature causing the food to change. If you have sensitive stomach chances are that’s going to ruin your day.

What Can You Not Eat in Cabo?

Cabo has a wide range of gastronomy, from pork, and chicken dishes, the classic tacos, and delights from the sea.

You can eat almost anything, however, the ones to avoid are the ones cooked in unconventional ways, if you have a sensitive stomach, and the ones you’re probably allergic to.

Seafood is a typical allergen for many people, it’s best to look-up in advance for places that don’t serve seafood.

Also, make sure to be well-informed about the traditional food, and the typical food you can find in Cabo, and you can decide from there if you ever want to try them out.

Can You Bring Food Into Cabo?

Perishables are not allowed by customs at the Cabo airport, like vegetables and fruits, meat, and other wet goods, preserved goods aren’t allowed either. Non-perishables, however, are allowed, like creamers, but not the powdered ones, coffee packs, and others.

What Should I Buy in Cabo?

Souvenirs, funky t-shirts, local produce, and other artisan crafts are the ideal things to buy in Cabo. With a plethora of shopping centers, international grocery chains, and specialty stores that dot the entire town, you’ll never run out of options in Cabo.

You can stroll around downtown Cabo San Lucas, and even all the way to San Jose del Cabo to look for things to buy, especially regional specialties. Local groceries also sell local Mexican products which may or may not be available on grocery shelves where you’re from.

Where Can I Buy Groceries in Cabo?

Downtown Cabo has both Walmart and Costco where you can buy local and international merchandise, perishables, and other essentials. Cabo San Lucas, and San Jose del Cabo both have La Comer en Tu Casa Super Market, which sells fresh goods, bakery, and well-stocked pharmacies.

Cabo Mar Pescaderia is a fish market that sells seafood. If you want a mix of imported and local organic products, family-owned Santa Carmela Market and Deli has branches in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

What Should I Bring Back From Cabo?

Local produce, and artisan crafts, and even local catch from the seas of Cabo itself are the ideal things to bring back from Cabo.

Local products like the lesser know than its cousins, tequila and mezcal, the sotol and pox, which is a specialty in Baja. These Mexican liquors are hard to find outside of Mexico.

Beach blankets with funky, ornate designs can be bought in Cabo, in Eclectic Array. Santo Cabo Soaps, made by hand with edible and natural ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, and peppermint oil, good for the skin, and aesthetically pleasing.

Other locally produced goods like vanilla, in Cabo San Lucas, blown glass crafts in San Jose del Cabo, and even a fresh catch of Marlin right out of the ocean in Cabo, given the restrictions, allow the weight and size of the fish, if you’re from the US.