Which is Better – Cabo, Cancun, or Puerto Vallarta (and What Are the Differences)?

Mexico, a cradle of natural wonders and tourism offers many of the world’s iconic destinations, from the east’s Cancun to the west’s Puerto Vallarta, and further down to the Mexican Pacific’s best, Cabo. It could pose a challenge to decide where to go, while these destinations offer the best Mexico has to offer, even they have charms, quirks, and flavors of their own.
Which is Better - Cabo, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta
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Ultimately, it will always depend on what kind of experience one wants to live through in some of Mexico’s best. It’s best to dive deep and check out the little quirks and differences of these seaside jewels of the country.

Which is Better – Cabo or Puerto Vallarta?

While Cabo and Puerto Vallarta are both the best of Mexico’s west, the key difference between the two is that Cabo is a beach town, packed with everything a 5-star coastal resort town can offer, while Puerto Vallarta is a bayside city that boasts more activities around the bay, and within the city that provides a more authentic city feel – it wants you to get out of your hotel.

If you’re looking for a pristine beach perfect for an R&R and a spring break getaway, then Cabo might be for you. But if you’re up for that Mexican bayside city feel, that provides a ton of activities and entertainment, with a touch of rather peaceful beach culture, then Puerto Vallarta is the place to be.

There is no better place than the other one, it will always depend on what you might want to get out. You could always go on a Mexican tour and explore both these jewels.

What is the Difference Between Cabo and Puerto Vallarta?

These two coastal destinations offer almost the same exciting experiences, but what sets them apart is the beach culture and the economic factor.

Cabo is the best place when it comes to beaches and the sea, just checking out Land’s End, and Medano Beach can tell you that, but it is definitely more expensive.

Puerto Vallarta, on the other hand, might have a smaller, less of a hit beach culture, due to its narrow rocky beaches but its pristine nonetheless. However, Puerto Vallarta is fun, dynamic, and cheaper than Cabo.

Which is Safer – Puerto Vallarta or Cabo?

Relatively, there will always be little bouts of danger and risk in every city in the world but these two towns are generally safe to travel to. Safety and security are in place for the safety of visitors and locals.

While smaller, petty crimes are still prevalent in Mexico, they can be prevented altogether. It’s best to consider precautionary measures when going out at night, or in areas where there aren’t many people.

Is Cabo or Puerto Vallarta Cheaper?

Puerto Vallarta is by far the cheaper choice if you wish to explore the west. Cabo’s prices, whether in accommodations and food are generally more expensive than that of Puerto Vallarta’s. According to visitors who have been to both places, Puerto Vallarta is about 11% cheaper than Cabo.

How Far is Cabo From Puerto Vallarta?

There are about 340 miles in between Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, but if you travel by road, the distance can be approximately 2,160 miles.

Are There Ferries From Cabo to Puerto Vallarta?

There are ferry services that take you to and from Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. The ticket rates for a one-way trip could range from 7,500 Mexican Pesos to 10,000. The trip typically takes about 30 hours, with transfers.

Which is Better – Cabo or Cancun?

Cabo offers the best of the Mexican Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, with sweeping ocean views and diverse inland terrain. Cancun is the best in southeastern Mexico, with a Caribbean charm, and a tropical city that offers the best nightlife.

Which is better depends on what experience you want to have. While Cabo is perfect for those wanting to experience the immense wonder of the Eastern Pacific, the terrain inland offers much to explore, from lush greens, vast desert stretch, rocky mountains, to a long coastline.

Cancun is best for those wanting to explore the sea and nearby islands like Isla Mujeres and Cozumel while having the city, day and night for a great time. Cancun offers the best city nightlife.

What is the Difference Between Cabo and Cancun?

Cabo is the west’s answer to Cancun, and Cancun is the east’s. So, in a way, the appeal of these two destinations are mostly the same. But what most sets them apart are the vibe and the flavor they offer.

Cancun is one big resort city, lined with towering hotels, and stretches of beaches that have that Caribbean blue water, and not to mention, the city is the biggest party-central among Mexico’s best.

Cabo is more laid-back, with plenty of luxury, the beaches, and the ocean is worthy of exploration. The natural wonders in Cabo’s terrains and waters are its best attraction, and also the celebrities that flock there.

Is Cabo Safer Than Cancun?

Safety and security in two of Mexico’s best destinations are essential. As the top two destinations that see the most tourists in Mexico, the government has been taking steps to ensure the safety of everyone, tourists, businesses, and locals.

While both Cabo and Cancun haven’t seen a surge of crime rates over the past years, it is, however, best to practice caution and logic for visitors. Petty crimes and scams are still a part of any tourist hotspots.

How Far Apart Are Cabo and Cancun?

The distance between Cabo and Cancun is approximately 2,400 km or 1,500 miles, if you take the road it would be about 5,700 km or 3,500 miles.

How Far is Cabo From Cancun Airport?

If you travel by airplane it would be about 2,386 km or 1,483 miles. The flight would take about 3 hours.

How Do You Get to Cabo From Cancun?

There are several ways to get to Cabo from Cancun. From bus transfers, ferries, and airplanes. You can take the bus from Cancun to Puebla in Mexico City, another bus will then take you to Mazatlan Ferry Terminal, take a ferry to La Paz in Los Cabos, and from there hop on a bus that will take you to Cabo.

The fastest way to get to Cabo is to fly from Cancun Airport, the flight takes about 6 hours, then you can take a bus from San Jose Del Cabo Airport to Cabo San Lucas.

Is Cabo or Cancun Closer to California?

Cabo is much closer than Cancun. Cabo is situated all the way to the end of Baja California, the peninsula that juts out into the Pacific in Mexico from the mainland US. Cancun is on the eastern side of Mexico, near the United States’ East Coast.

Which is Better – Cabo or Playa Del Carmen?

While both are coastal resort towns, Cabo has so much more to offer than Playa Del Carmen. Playa Del Carmen is smaller, more authentic, and less crowded than Cabo. It has the makings of a charming resort town that has a smaller feel compared to Cabo’s.

Cabo can be luxurious, diverse, energetic, and it has a much bigger feel to it – Cabo San Lucas itself has better beaches and a plethora of natural wonders that awe-inspires visitors.

How Far is Cabo From Playa Del Carmen?

The distance between Cabo and the Playa is 2,369 km or 1,472 miles, however, if you take the road, the distance might stretch for about 5,636 km or 3,502 miles.

Which is Better – Cabo or Tulum?

It largely depends on the kind of experience you want to have. As these two destinations may have their charms and unique flavors, the beaches are divine with an abundance of things to do.

Tulum is more of a historical beach town, that apart from its natural wonders has some ancient charms to it. Tulum has the Chichen Itza Ruins, that give you a glimpse of ancient Mexico. You can have the sight of a cliffside temple while taking a dip.

While Cabo has a more celebrity feel to it, with all its luxuries and various inland activities and this part of Baja California Sur has both land and water features that the Caribbean does not.

How Far is Tulum From Cabo?

The distance between Tulum and Cabo is around 2,300 km or 1,429 miles, and it would be about 5,600 km or 3,479 miles if you take the road.